Email Marketing Strategy Process

Email Marketing Strategy Process

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Data Capture

One of the primary ways to fail at email marketing is to not have a way for people to get on your list.

It sounds obvious but it’s crazy how many businesses claim to have tried building their list, yet looking at their website leaves you struggling to sign up.

This doesn’t mean spam a signup form all over your website but it does mean intelligently presenting your audience with an opportunity and a good reason to sign up at the right moments in their experience.

We have multiple strategies for list building on your website to draw from. Our experience teaches us which ones to use at what times. Finding the balance between obvious but not annoying.

We will do a survey of your website and put together a list of recommendations for your web team so they can implement this easily.

Lead Magnet

We mentioned just above giving your visitors a “good reason” to sign up to your list. In 2001 you could just ask. These days, it’s like your left lung isn’t a good enough trade for an email address.

There is, fortunately, a science to it.
Using the right wording to the right person at the right time and it’s a no-brainer. We will conduct an over-the-phone interview with you to determine what we can create as a lead magnet and will make suggestions.

Common lead magnets can be:

  • Multi-part courses
  • Free samples
  • E-books
  • Free consultation sessions
  • Reports
  • and more...

During our discovery, we will recommend the best lead magnet type in conjunction with your skills and knowledge, value to the audience and what gaps there are in the market.


This is where so many fall down. They start out well then life gets in the way and before you know it you haven’t sent an email out for 4 months. Not ideal.

There are three ways to play this:

  1. Do the whole thing with autoresponders. This means we design the experience which could last upwards of a year for each, then simply add people to it. You don’t have to write anything.
  2. Have a series of emails scheduled so we write them in batches. The advantage of this is you can be a little more current with your content.
  3. Pick one of the above and add random emails to it for any current events, timely offers etc. This gives you the automated element so you don’t need to think about it daily but allows you to interject for certain events.

We recommend the third option but all three work wonderfully.


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