Tools You Need To Be Successful Online

The Tools you need to succeed online.

Canva Logo with Text

Canva is the one tool everyone should have and use. The free version is amazing and the pro version is double amazing. For social media posts, email templates, Youtube thumbnails, business cards, and thousands of  templates. Get this and be happy.

Mailerlite Logo with text

Constant Contact is the email platform I use everyday. This is my number one recommendation to clients getting started and moving on to advanced functions. Great layout, affordable pricing, and superb support. My go to email platform, everytime.

Convertkit logo with text

Convertkit - If you are a creator, blogger, teacher, webinar host, online leader, youtuber...then this email platform is designed specifically for you. No other platform has done as good a job as ConvertKit for online content creators. Nobody services this niche better.

Buzzsprout Logo Flower with microphone

Using Buzzsprout  as your host from day one means you are starting out on the right foot. I love Buzzsprout for its simple interface, available in app features, loyal podcast community, and integrating real world tools that all podcasters need.

Shopify Logo Green Bag with Giant S letter

Shopify is the #1 E-commerce platform in the world. Everyone has their favorites but the numbers and amazing businesses on Shopify just don't lie. Start here, grow here, dominate the world here.

VidIQ is one of the best tools for growing your Youtube channel. Loaded with features even on the free plan. Keeps you on task with tags, keywords, end cards, and other SEO items. Easy to install, easy to use, well worth it.

Handicap Logo moving wheelchair style

AccesiBe. Take a look at the bottom right of my website screen and you will see a handicap logo that clickable. We need to make websites more accessible and AccessiBe helps you do that. Take the time and make a difference. 

Camtasia. I use Camtasia for all my tutorial videos on Youtube. This video editing software is designed for tutorial, screen recordings, and teaching people remotely. When you use a professional tool like this is shows. 

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