US SEO Package - ECommerce Store

US SEO Package - ECommerce Store

This SEO Package is for getting your E-Commerce store to show up in search within the United States

SEO takes time but the rewards are so sweet! We need a minimum of 6 months to get some of your keywords to rank in search results. Don't have 6 months? Then this is not for you, ask us about managing your digital ads instead.

We optimize a website's onsite and offsite's characteristics and uses artificial intelligence to parse through algorithm updates and make rapid adjustments. Small to medium businesses and franchises will get the ranking visibility they need on desktop and mobile searches. Over 85% of our SEO clients maintain the programs after 12 months.

What is included?

  • Multiple keyword topic and US location (Ecommerce)
  • Up to 14 trackable keywords
  • GEO backlinks every month
  • On-page optimization
  • Website audit and fixing SEO issues
  • Google My Business advanced optimization as required
  • Website lead tracking
  • SEO KPI dashboard and metrics
  • Website uptime monitoring and reporting
  • Weekly website SEO health check via crawler audit
  • Weekly SEO status reports
  • Monthly SEO performance reporting
Can anyone guarantee first page rankings?

No one can guarantee exactly where they will rank, but someone’s business is taking up the first page search engine real estate. By doing the right SEO work, at the correct pace, and in the proper manner, you should expect great results.


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