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Monthly Text Message Marketing

So why should text be important for you? Consider a few stats… 

- 92% of people prefer to be contacted via text than any other method

- 90% of text messages are read within the first 5 seconds

- Avg person looks at his cell phone first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed.

- 81% of cell phone users use their cell to send/receive text messages


In a mobile centric world, text messaging has become the preferred choice for customer engagement. While emails may or may not get read, and phone calls can be intrusive and time consuming, text messaging offers the most efficient and effective way to contact your customers. Additionally, studies show that customers are more likely to act on information from a business via text than most any other method. Few other solutions are immediate, interactive, cost effective and measurable.


The monthly system provides:

 - An opt-in management system to create an easy accessible list of customers most small businesses struggle with maintaining a customer list.

- Instant communication w/ a single customer, a group of customers, or all customers

- Improved customer svc and reduces phone time

- Opportunities for promotions, sales or contests

That includes:

- 1,500 messages monthly

- A customized keyword for promotions

- Access to messaging 24x7

- Automated opt-in and Opt-out functionality

The four core benefits of using any text system are:

1.Providing instant communication with customers - and communication in the manner they prefer! Remember you can reach 90% of your customers instantly!

2.By adding a short code, keyword and promotion to your marketing efforts, this system will help build your database.

3.While texting can provide benefits as a stand alone communication channel, integration into other systems or workflows can be easily achieved and can expand success exponentially.

4.Engaging customers regularly and building deeper relationships

How does it work?

Choose a keyword of 8-10 characters that best represents your business. Each keyword is completely unique, so first come… first served!

Create a unique promotional offer that rewards your customers when they text your keyword to 5 STAR. Those who ‘opt-in’ immediately become part of your customer database and can receive future offers.

Use 5 STAR, not only for promotions, but to provide Customers with personalized updates, status notifications or surveys.

Promote your keyword in all of your traditional and online Media (Website, Google, Facebook, Radio, TV, YP, etc.)


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