12 Simple Email Subject Line Tweaks To Get More Opens

12 Simple Email Subject Line Tweaks To Get More Opens


12 Simple Email Subject Line Tweaks To Get More Opens

Improve Email Open Rates by Tweaking Subject Lines

Making assumptions based on sight alone is something that is often discouraged. And yet, in spite of that, when emails are involved, making snap decisions is something everybody seems to do.

Quality subject lines for emails can powerfully impact readers.

Words that are chosen for the subject line of an email can influence someone’s decision to open it.

Spending some time perfecting a subject line can optimize open rates for emails, bypass junk folders, and help get the message you want to articulate in the eyes of people you’ve targeted.

Before sending another email, consider making at least one of the following 12 tweaks:


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The subject line will essentially be useless if nobody is able to read it. As such, prevent the subject line from getting cut short. It shouldn’t be any longer than 50 characters, which tends to be the cut-off point on desktop screens. That averages out to approximately 5 to 7 words.

Readers tend to scan their inboxes fairly quickly. For these people, a subject line that is limited to a couple of words can set itself apart from other emails it’s packed in with. The results – higher engagement.

Remove Anything That Could Be Interpreted As Spam From Your Email Subject Line

If the subject line comes across as a sales pitch, then it won’t be long before the email gets sent to the spam folder. You can prevent people from misinterpreting your subject line by limiting the amount of exclamation points you use, and not typing in ALL CAPS (yes, this was intentional). You also shouldn’t insert any promotional terms like “Buy It Today” or “Free.”

Rather than concentrating on promotion, provide your expertise. Share information with your audience that you believe they’ll find helpful.

Ask Questions

Ask questions in your email subject line

Why should questions be used in a subject line? Well, questions serve as an optimal approach to capturing readers’ attention in an effort to stimulate their curiosity.

By themselves, questions feel somewhat incomplete. By asking a question, readers will be inspired to open up your email, hoping to receive some kind of answer.

Add Deadlines

There will be plenty of distractions that stand between your readers and your email. In such cases, deadlines can prioritize your message.

When it comes to promotion, multiple emails should be used, especially if you’re trying to draw attention to a one-of-a-kind offer or event. An announcement can be sent out that informs people about a certain date coming up. One final reminder can then be sent out, giving people a short deadline to take action by.

It’s okay to make your cut-off time short – even a 24-hour window is fine. When people feel obligated to do something by a certain time, and they follow through on the action you expect them to take, your email will be considered successful.

Use Teasers In Your Email Subject Line

Why do people despise commercials but enjoy movie trailers? There is a sense of power in attracting people with some kind of preview, as opposed to giving a punchline away from the get-go.

Come up with something capable of hooking your readers in an effort to spark interest on their end.

Issue a Command

Many people are most responsive when they are given direct instructions. Add a direct CTA to your email’s subject line (perhaps encouraging someone to purchase tickets for a particular event).

Add Lists

Surely you have noticed the popularity of ‘list posts’ on the Internet, especially social media. The article you are reading right now happens to be one of them.

People enjoy reading lists, as they simplify complicated concepts. This is done by breaking the subject down into smaller portions. Your email’s subject line should imply that a list is involved. That way, readers will expect your content to be easily digestible and well organized.

Make Some Kind of Announcement

If there is something exciting and new you want to share – perhaps about your organization or business, channel your enthusiasm into the email’s subject line. By sharing your announcement, you can make subscribers feel as though they are finding out about something before anyone. This encourages people to keep reading to get the details they need.

Being Unique With Your Email Subject Line

When crafting a quality subject line, there are a couple of things that you’ll need to keep in mind – who your target market is, along with what you can offer that no one else can. What is your business known for, specifically? It should be highlighted in the email’s subject line.

It is okay to add the name of your business in the email’s subject line. Some people might not open an email just by looking at who the sender is, so adding your company’s name to the subject line gives you an opportunity for brand reinforcement.

Add names to email subject lines

Be Humorous

Not very many people are giggling with laughter as they comb through their inboxes. You can use this to your advantage by writing a humorous subject line. In doing so, you’ll draw attention to it.

Based on what kind of tone your company is striving for, test out several types of wordplay or puns in order to see what kind of engagement and laughs you get from your contacts.

Say Something No One Will Expect In A Email Subject Line

If humor isn’t your forte, try surprising people. This may come in the form of interesting facts about the industry you’re in, an alarming statistic, or a revelation that people are not accustomed to hearing about.

By sharing something that people don’t expect, readers will be encouraged to keep reading your email. They’ll also be more inclined to recall your message later on.

Utilize Multimedia

Constant Contact Email personalized email template

Adding links to a podcast or presentation, including some kind of guide, or embedding a video are all effective ways of making the content in your email more engaging and varied. Let contacts know what to expect directly from the email’s subject line to prevent them from missing out on something special.

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