17 Proven Tips For A Great Unboxing Video in 2021

17 Proven Tips For A Great Unboxing Video in 2021


17 Proven Tips For A Great Unboxing Video in 2021


So maybe you are not a professional cinematographer with the experience and equipment to make a world class video, like me.

Start Your Video With A Great Logo!

But you have a phone. You have something cool and interesting heading your way. You know the world wants to see it!

Making an unboxing video can be done with most smartphones on the market so you probably have all the equipment you need.

Some simple tips from the thousands who have made unboxing videos before you will make it look even better.

Tip 1

Be yourself. Consumers, like you and I, can see through a professional marketing video a mile off. Friends and those watching want to see and hear what YOU think about the product. Your personal style, accent, word choice, humor, and view points will win you points.

Tip 2

Lights! Lighting is critical in making films and will play a big role in how your video comes out. Find a room with adequate light and take a sample video in the direction the box will be. Review and adjust as needed. Remember if its a big box you may have areas that don't get direct light and may be in the shadows.

Tip 3

Sound. Microphones on smartphones and cameras can pickup quite a bit. Find a room or area that has the least amount of background noise as possible.

Distracting noises will only detract from the video and you so be sure to pick a good spot. Carpet and drapes are your friend for absorbing sound around you.

Tip 4

Speak Slowly And Clearly. You may be excited and want to rush through the process, we understand its exciting! While you don't want to come across as a robot be sure to speak clearly so we can hear all the interesting things you have to say.

Good posture and a steady pace will help convey your message in an easy to understand manner.

Tip 5

KIS (Keep It Simple). Remember who is watching this video, probably friends and family along with those we connect with online. While you may want to get into the technical details keep it simple and share you initial reactions. 

Tip 6

Watch Your Time. Take your time, just not for ever. If you spend to long looking at the box and removing the packaging material you will lose us. if you really feel a particular section of the unboxing needs a serious amount of time let us know you will come back to it. Finish the unpacking and then viewers will know you are going to dive deep into a particular section of the unpacking.

Tip 7

Tools. Im not talking about tools to put it together, Im talking about opening the box. Will you need a utility knife, scissors, or a screwdriver? Take a moment to look at the box before you begin and keep those tools needed handy.

Tip 8

Keep Your Camera Steady. We have all seen those shaky camera videos before getting sea sick, don't be that one. If you have someone who can hold the camera great, you can even star in the video.

If not a tripod or selfie stick will work wonders, I have even propped my phone on a cardboard box, whatever works to keep it steady.

Tip 9

Landscape Mode. For the love of all things wonderful in this world please record in landscape mode. You have the time, its not an emergency, and its 100X better.

Go ahead and watch a Youtube video NOT in landscape mode and scroll down to the comments. It will be clear quite quickly that people want to see video in landscape mode for unboxing videos.

Thank you!

Tip 10

Record Quality. Your smartphone or camera may have the option to record at different levels. Many phones have the ability to record in 4k but which is best for sharing on FB or Youtube?

Youtube will share your video at 4k so don't worry to much about that platform. FB will adjust bitrate as it sees fit for the best user experience. Since FB does what FB does I wouldn't worry about it either. Film away and share away.

Tip 11

Be Creative. Are you somewhere unique? By the beach, in the city, up in the mountains? Do you have props around the house or workplace? Think about the product you are about to unbox and the people who will most likely be watching, what are their interests? The simplest of thoughts can bring a multitude of likes from those about to watch your video.

Tip 12

Film The Other Stuff. Most items come with flyers and various product inserts. Don't skip these especially if they contain valuable information or a special discount. While not something to spend a lot of time on it does present a thorough finish to your unboxing video.

Tip 13

Notice The Packaging. Consumers and manufacturers are more aware today then ever before about the packaging material and the environmental impact waste has. If the company has taken the time to be environmentally conscience take note of it, your viewers will appreciate it.

Tip 14

Think Out Loud. Many of us have been told to keep our thoughts to ourselves, this is not the time. Think out loud and discuss your thoughts so we can get a peek into your mind will unboxing. Not sure if you like something? Tell us, don't just think it.

Your Video Will Attract Reviews, Learn How To Respond.

Tip 15

Shoot For 5 Or Less. Time will vary depending on the actual product you are unboxing but try to keep it under 5 minutes. While not a proven data set, those videos under 5 minutes tend to be shared at a higher rate.

Tip 16

Tag Tag Tag. Be sure to tag the company you purchased the product from no matter what platform you are sharing on. Most companies have their social media pages located on their website home page. You will be surprised and how many companies follow their social tags and will respond to your unboxing video.

Tip 17

Dont Wait! Do you want to be first with the unboxing video? You know you do. Dont wait, being first has many advantages especially in the ever changing social media world. Once the word is out, you have to catch up.

Do you have a tip to share with the world on making a better unboxing video? Share it with us in the comments below.

Here is an example of a simple unboxing video made when I ordered some masks from a website - Aloha Bonnie check out her stuff if you get a chance.

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