5 March Madness Email Ideas & Subject Lines

5 March Madness Email Ideas & Subject Lines


5 March Madness Email Ideas & Subject Lines

As we begin to put winter behind us and look forward towards spring and summer we need to start warming up our emails.


"March Madness" sale or promotion for your products or services

  1. "Score big savings during our March Madness sale!"
  2. "March Madness deal: [insert specific deal or discount here]"
  3. "Bracket-busting deals on [insert product or service here] during March Madness"
  4. "March Madness sale: [percentage] off all [insert product or service here]"
  5. "Don't miss out on our March Madness promotion - [insert specific deal or discount here]"


St. Patrick's Day themed email with special deals or discounts

  1. "Get Lucky with Our St. Patrick's Day Deals"
  2. "Save Green on St. Patrick's Day with [percentage] off [product/service]"
  3. "Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Exclusive Discounts"
  4. "Feeling Irish? Get [percentage] off on [product/service] Today!"
  5. "St. Patrick's Day Special: [insert specific deal or discount here]"


Spring cleaning or organization tips, with related product recommendations

  1. "Spring Cleaning Made Easy: Tips and Tricks"
  2. "Get Organized for Spring with Our Top Picks"
  3. "Spring Cleaning Checklist: Essential Products"
  4. "Out with the Old, In with the New: Spring Cleaning Sale"
  5. "Spring Cleaning Inspiration: Before and After Transformations"


National Women's History Month email highlighting female leaders or role models in your industry

  1. "Empowering Women in Business: Celebrating National Women's History Month"
  2. "Honoring Female Leaders in [Your Industry]: National Women's History Month"
  3. "Breaking Barriers: Women Making History in [Your Industry]"
  4. "Women's History Month Inspiration: [Name of Female Leader] in [Your Industry]"
  5. "National Women's History Month: Recognizing the Achievements of Women in [Your Industry]"



Annual review of your company's progress over the past year and goals for the coming year

  1. "A Look Back: [Your Company's] Year in Review"
  2. "Reflecting on a Successful Year: [Your Company's] Annual Review"
  3. "Building a Better Future: [Your Company's] Goals for the Coming Year"
  4. "Progress Report: [Your Company's] Accomplishments in [Previous year]"
  5. "Achieving Greatness: [Your Company's] Review of [Previous year] and Plans for [Upcoming year]"




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