15 Best Free Stock Video Websites

16 Best Free Stock Video Websites For 2024


16 Best Free Stock Video Websites For 2024


In this video I share with you 16 of the best FREE Stock Video Websites available today.


I also show you how to view the licensing/royalty/creative commons section for each video. This way you can make sure you use the video correctly according to the terms of use.


Here is a list of the websites for easy navigation.

New to the list for 2021is Vecteezy, check them out here
















Sometimes the free sites just dont have what you are looking for. If you are looking for additional stock footage and are willing to pay just a little for it, check out this article https://www.footagesecrets.com/buyers-guide/buy-cheap-stock-footage/ . 


They give you their top 5 recommendations with charts and detailed information for additional stock footage resources.

Either way you should not have to spend a fortune to get this type of material, you just have to know where to look.

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If you've been looking for the most comprehensive list of free video footage online, then this is the video for you.
I'Ve put together the 14 best stock video footage websites where you can get video just like this for free.
I encourage you to watch through each section because, in addition to the free video, I also show you how to verify and check for the licensing and Terms of Use Agreement on each website.
It'S very important that you use the footage correctly, even though it's given to you free okay, the first one I want to show you is pixels com, probably some of the best quality videos that you can find on the Internet.
And if you scroll down you'll, see all of the different type of videos that they offer.
If you want to know about the licensing for the video just go ahead and give them a click when that pulls up, you can watch the video right below it.
You'Ll see an info button, click on that and you'll see the license.
Information right there in front of you number two on my list is going to be vids play another great quality site, lots of good quality videos again similar.
You want go ahead and click on the video if you want to find out about the licensing and the terms for it, pull up the video, give it a look really high quality stuff great for you to use.
Of course, it's free right below the video you'll see.
Please read our Terms before you download any videos go ahead and click on that and you'll be able to find all the licensing agreement for its play.
Number three on my list is going to be mix.
Kit mix kit is another high-quality site: lots of interesting videos on there lots of scenes that you can include, and whatever type of project that you're using now this one.
If you click on the video, it pulls it up.
You can see here you can download the free video, but before you do that right below that you'll see this section that says completely free of charge with a link there go ahead and click on that, and that will show you the royalty and licensing information for The free video number four on my list is a very interesting website called people doc prop comm this one, who has some really creative type of videos that you can use.
They are free and you'll, see right here right on the front page that correct it's in the Creative Commons, so you can use it for both commercial and non-commercial work in any form.
However, I do want to point out on this.
One audio credits need to be for Vimeo, so video and audio is separate.
Here is a sample of one of their videos that has some really cool graphics that you might be able to integrate into some video that you're using just remember.
Video and audio rights are separate.
Alright number five on my list is: dare fall comm.
Another amazing site: lots of 4k real high quality high resolution images.
Here'S a quick one here, the Acadia National Park.
First, on the top you've got a nice image and here's the video and you can see the quality of the video now as far as licensing rights.
If you scroll down you'll see they have a section here, and you can click on that and it'll tell you.
If contribution needs to be made and what kind of licensing is involved, but it is free number six on my list is life on vids dot-com.
Now this site isn't as well prepared as some of the others, but they do have free video footage for you to use now this one they have their terms and a little bit of a different place.
You look over here on the left hand, side of the screen and there's a statement that says videos really free, go ahead and click on that and it'll pull up their terms and all the licensing information for the videos on life.
Alright number seven on my list is motion elements calm, another free stock, video footage that you can use on whatever products that you're using they break it out top downloads of the link right up on the top.
You go ahead and click on it.
It'Ll give it to you.
There is an overlay on the video, but when you download it it does go away if you're interested in what the royalty rights are on this one just go ahead and scroll all the way down to the almost the bottom of the page and you'll see they Have a section here, royalty free license safe for commercial use.
I do encourage you, though, to click the learn more button before using any other videos.
Alright number eight on my list is a big boy in this space com, amazing quality videos, nice layout, good search function.
Again, if you click on the video it'll, pull it up for you, it is a free license, but they do have additional licensing down below whether attribution is needed or it's free for commercial use.
So this video here you can see that information right there pixabay.
Quite a big inventory of videos recommend download number.
Nine of my list is video vu dotnet.
Now these guys do more than video.
They also do music and sounds, but for this video, let's just stick with the video they have for K stock footage.
A lot of interesting scenes that they have here's one here of an upbeat festival, very good quality, high resolution and right on the right-hand side over here you can see the licensing and usage royalty-free.
I do encourage you just like the other sites to click the learn.
More button to find out more about the licensing and okay number 10 on my list is vid easy calm.
This one also has high-definition and 4k videos right on the top.
They have their popular new footage.
Just like the other ones.
You can take a look.
Click on it and this one's in a little bit different spot where the licensing info is it's right below the in the video here, go ahead and click on that and that'll tell you whether there needs to be attribution or not for the video itself.
Number 11 on my list is Maz com.
This is also stock.
Video get footage free to use just like the other sites.
They have some good scenes, some really unique stuff.
Here'S one here when you pull this up, you'll notice something a little bit different about their video.
It'S it's almost movie style where you have some introduction and some titles to it.
Just like the others.
The licensing information is right here on the side free to use, but do read more about the license so that you can understand now.
Number 12 on my list is public domain movies dotnet.
This is mostly filled with old films and videos that no longer have any type of royalty rights or any time fo publication rights attached to them anymore.
So while this may not be interesting to some of you, if you are looking for vintage, old-style movies that are free to use commercially, then this would be a great place to go.
They also as you'll, see up on the top have some of the very old cartoons number 13 on my list is ex doc com this sites a little bit different than the others.
It seems to be a little bit more limited and what's available, but sometimes when you're searching and you just want to find that right shot, you need all the options available.
I do encourage you to visit ex dot V.
Do calm.
Licensing is a little bit more tricky to understand, so I would encourage you to be cautious and move forward slowly.
You'Ll see here, there's the free button regular license and extended license.
I do encourage you to click the details button and make sure you're using the video correctly and last on my list.
Number 14 is com in the groups, so this gentleman here phil fried created a group free, HD stock footage and he says all clips in this group.
I give away free to use in your production.
There'S not too many videos in here, and there are some odd subject matters, but there's quite a few pages and it's free.
I want to thank you all for watching.
Please subscribe to my channel hit the like button and the bell for notifications.
If you know of a website that i may have go ahead and drop it down in the comments i'll talk to you guys next time,

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