Black Friday Cyber Monday Checklist

Black Friday Cyber Monday Checklist


Black Friday Cyber Monday Checklist

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Its coming, are you ready?

Online shopping continues to grow and Black Friday Cyber Monday has gone beyond just 2 days out of the year. Major retailers are adding days, extending sales, starting earlier and making the most of the busiest online shopping period. 

Fret not, here is a handy list of things to keep you on track and up to date with this busy season. 

1. Prepare for an even bigger Cyber Monday

Shopkick recently did a survey showing 34% of customers plan to have their shopping done before Thanksgiving. In addition several retailers were pushing offers back in October to lessen the November spike.

2. Make sure you website can handle a surge

With a massive influx of customers it is critical that your website can handle the load. Shopify users can rest easy knowing this is being addressed and has been handled successfully every for several years.

3. Have a plan in case your website goes down

I recommend that ALL if my Shopify clients use to make sure their website is backed up AND can be easily brought back online. This is the time of year you cannot be down.

4. Pick your Top Sales Channels and focus

This is not the time of year to be testing something new, stick with the channels that have proven themselves over the year. You have probably done some optimization for these channels without even thinking about it. 

5. Watch your inventory

Remember that this is a busy time, for everyone, including your suppliers and (gasp!) competitors. You know what supplies or products have the longest lead time, plan accordingly.

6. Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards are very popular this time of year and if you carry a variety of products you should have this available. Think of the hardest to shop person in your family or circle of friends, they are why gift cards are so popular. Easy to setup on Shopify and most other platforms.

7. Put together your BFCM offer now

If you haven't already, now is the time to do it. The next couple of weeks is the perfect time to start promoting and sharing your BFCM sweet deal. I recommend you focus on one, test and perfect it before adding others.

8. Get the graphics ready

I use Canva pro for a lot of my work but know many businesses who use the free version, what a great tool! Get your banner images ready, social posts, and other promo items so you can easily send them out when the time comes. 

9. Retarget past customers

Customers who have bought in the past OR have viewed your website are more likely to engage. Setup a retargeting campaign to get your message in front of them. If you need help with running a Facebook/Instagram or Google/Youtube ad campaign, Contact Us, we do this for clients everyday.

10. Start your email campaigns, today

Its always a good time to start your email campaigns but now is really a good time. People are looking for shopping deals and WANT to here what yours are, don't leave them hanging. We recommend Constant Contact for its excellent support and deliverable rates.

11. Get live chat setup on your site

People are busy, really busy. People want things now, right now. Sending an email and getting response later is second place in the best of times, during the holidays its even worse. If someone is on your site and ready to buy but has just one question.......make it easy for them.

I hope this list helps you get your e-commerce store in tip top shape for Black Friday Cyber Monday. 

Did we miss one? Do you have a tip to share? Lets us know in the comments below.

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