Creating A Contact Us Page In Shopify

Creating A Contact Us Page In Shopify


Creating A Contact Us Page In Shopify

In this video I show you how to create a basic Contact Us page in Shopify. Shopify comes with template the makes is very easy to create one in just a few minutes. Follow along as I go through the basics along with preview the Shopify Contact Us Page, the message the customer sees, and the message formate you will receive.


** Transcript **

Hello, and welcome to the video on creating a contact us page in Shopify.

Today I'm going to show you how simple it is and how quick it is to set up a very basic and beginner Contact Us page. So let's jump right in, go ahead and log into your Shopify admin screen. And we're going to go here along the left hand menu, you're going to click online store, and then pages.

Now, I don't have any pages in my store, so it shows blank, you may have one already in there, sometimes the theme will come with a default About Us page already in there.

Regardless of whether you have one or not, you're going to want to come to the screen button here and click Add page. Now when you come in here, you're going to be presented with your title and your content.

So the title that you want to create for your contact page, contact us page is just a simple contact us. If you want to personalise that in some way, or add your own flair or personality to it, and go ahead, but this is what the title of the page is going to be. Now the contact form is going to have some fields for people to enter.

But any content that you enter here in this field is going to be above any of those automated fields that are created on the Contact Us page, and I'll show you those in a minute. So this text that you enter in the contact form, maybe something that you want to add additionally, for people to know about.

If you have a retail location, maybe you want to share your hours. Or if you like people to contact you, you can leave a phone number there, or any type of general information that you want to put in the contact in the contact us page.

Remember, the text that you put here is going to appear above any of the fields on the Contact Us page. So let's go ahead and put a little content in here so we can see what it looks like.

So there we go, we have a little bit of information in there, just thanking them for trying to contact us sharing a little bit of store hours, and a phone number. Once you have that in whatever you want to put in there, you want to come over here to this theme Templates section and click that drop down arrow.

And you're going to see even in the free default theme that comes with Shopify, the option for contact, so go ahead and click contact, and then go ahead and click save. Now that you've saved this, you can actually preview your Contact Us page to see what people are going to see when they click the Contact Us menu option. So let's get the view page here. And this is it here. So this is your main menu up here. This is your footer.

So these are things you would change in other areas of Shopify, but here is your Contact Us page. So just like I mentioned, that text that we entered in, there it is right above the form. And then you have name, email, phone number and a comment.

So let's go ahead and fill this out so that we can take a look at what the customer is going to see when they fill out this Contact Us page. And there you go. When they fill out the forms, and they click Send, they're going to be getting this message right here, Thanks for contacting us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

So that's great. Now there's one other thing that we want to look at, we want to look at the actual email that you're going to receive. So you're familiar with it when someone does fill out the contact us page.

Now if you're wondering what email it's going to go to, the email that it gets sent to is an email that you put in your general settings tab. So you go to settings and go to general in Shopify admin, and whatever email you have set up in there, that's where the Contact Us messages are going to go to.

So let's go ahead and jump into Gmail and see what that message will actually look like when someone sends it. So there it is, there's the actual message that I sent and this is what you would receive when someone fills out your Contact Us form. You can see that the email is in there it's already hyperlinked so you can easily respond.

And that's it guys really simple on how to create a contact us page. But so, so critical to have one on your website. I'll see you in the next video.

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