How To Add An App In Shopify

How To Add An App In Shopify


How To Add An App In Shopify

In this video I walk you through how to add an app in Shopify. We start in the Shopify Admin screen go into the Shopify App store to look around. Its a simple process but there are a couple of things to be aware of when doing an install. If you dont have a Shopify store yet and want to follow along you can get started here -



**Transcript** 0:00 Hey there, it's Brandon. And in this video, I'm going to show you how to install a basic app on your Shopify store.

So let's jump right in, go ahead and head on over to your Shopify admin screen, and we'll take a look at the menu along the left hand side. And about the middle there, you're going to see the button for apps, go ahead and click on that.

And that's going to take you to this section here, that's going to be presenting you with a few app suggestions.

Now you can go with these suggestions if you want. Or you can go to the App Store through this menu, so that you can look at all the available apps. So to get to the App Store on the top right of the section, you'll see a green button that says customise your store, I really think it should say, take me to the App Store, but that's what it says, so go ahead and click on that. And that's going to bring you here.

And when you first look at it, it almost feels like you've left it, you've gone to another website, completely different. But you'll see up on the top right here, it says logout.

That means you're still logged into your Shopify site, and so they're connected, so they'll know what apps you want to put in. Now we're going to be just looking at the free product reviews app that Shopify offers. There's 1000s of other apps that you can choose.

But I just want to show you the steps that you go through to just install the app, whichever one you choose, on to your Shopify store. So you'll see right here in the recommended section, there is the product reviews, and this is the app that we're going to install today.

But let's say it wasn't here in the recommended, how would you go about searching for the app that you need. So I'll go right up here, it's a search apps, and go ahead and type in product reviews, and hit Enter. That's gonna pull up your search results within the app store.

And again, there are 1000s of different apps, there's a whole bunch of convenient ways for you to go ahead and sort so that you can search for the ones that you that you want to use.

You can see there's a bunch of product review apps, there's some basic information, the first two are ads. But after that, you can see there are several options for apps, there's a star review system, it is important to look on the bottom, some of them have free plan available, some of them have seven day free trial, and a 14 day free trial.

Of course, the free ones are going to have different features and options versus the ones that are paid for. But the one that we're going to work today is this one right here called product reviews.

So let's go ahead and click on that. And this will pull up the full page for the particular app that you're looking at. There's a couple of different sections here. On the top, you'll have some product reviews, and a description of product reviews.

And there's some additional information about the app here. Now this one's pretty simple. There's only two paragraphs and some bullet points. But there are other apps that have quite a bit of additional information as far as what it does and how it will affect your website. Below that is the media gallery. I think it's always a good idea to open these up.

So you can see what the app is going to look like in the settings page on the back end for setting up all your parameters within the application. And you also want to see how the app is going to affect the front end of your website and how it's going to look once you install it and integrate it with your website.

Below that is the pricing section. Now this app is free. But if it was a paid app, you might have a section over here for your free trial, there might be a monthly or even an annual breakdown of pricing, and that will be located there. And then right below that you have your rating where you can look at people's reviews for that particular app.

So let's go ahead and install this one. So we're going to go ahead and click Add App. 4:19 And that's going to jump us right back into our Shopify admin screen because we were logged in.

And it's going to verify one more time with us that indeed, we want to install this app. In this section here in the middle, it's going to tell you about how it's going to affect different components or different areas within your store.

If you've looked at the app and you're comfortable with it, and you're ready to install, you can go ahead and click the install App button right at the bottom. Now, as the app gets installed, it's going to take you usually directly into the app settings. This is where you'll go in and set different settings or parameters, or all the additional components that are needed for that app to work.

We're not going to get into that for this video as each app settings is different. I just want to show you how to go to the App Store, select an app and install it.

So for right now, this app is installed on the store, and we can verify that by going back to the app section via the menu, and you'll see here we are back to our screen that we were earlier, and we can see under installed apps, product reviews is located there.

What's nice about this section is you can get support if you want, you can delete the app if you no longer need it. That's it. It's pretty simple, but I wanted to show you how to install an app from the Shopify app store into your Shopify store.

If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave them below. Otherwise, I will see you in the next video. Thanks for watching.

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