How To Install Accessibe On Your Shopify Website

How To Install Accessibe On Your Shopify Website


How To Install Accessibe On Your Shopify Website

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Transcript of Video

00:08 hi everyone its Brandon with Hoku marketing and today I wanted to do a

00:13 tutorial on how to install accessibe on to your Shopify website for those of you

00:20 that aren't familiar with accessibe you can there is a link below that will take

00:25 you to their website here and it's basically it's an overlay that helps

00:33 people with disabilities to interact with your website when you have this

00:40 accessibe on your website you'll have a little icon down in the bottom right

00:45 over here that will have a handicap symbol kind of like one of these

00:49 websites let's take a look so this is a Hilton Columbus at Easton if you look

00:57 down on the bottom right they have that symbol there there's another one this is

01:04 a BMW Santa Monica out in California and this one has that excessive a symbol

01:11 down there so this basically lets people know who

01:14 have disabilities whether it's a visual impairment or something else that's

01:19 maybe using a tool that they can go there and click on that and then

01:24 interact with your website a lot easier ok so let's take a look at my website

01:29 real quick so you see on the bottom right I don't have that so that's what

01:34 I'm gonna show you how we're gonna do we're gonna do that right now okay so

01:40 when you do go to access to be and you sign up you're gonna get a login and

01:45 password and then you're gonna get a bit of script to put into your theme dot

01:51 liquid file so I'm gonna show you how to do that sounds a little complicated but

01:55 it's not it's super easy so once you get that email it'll look something like

02:02 this and you'll have this code here script so go ahead and highlight that

02:06 whole amount like I have done here you're automatically ed and command C or

02:12 copy that and we're gonna paste that so I'm gonna I'm

02:15 gonna show you exactly how to do that so once you have this script copied

02:20 you're gonna go to your admin screen in your Shopify website so here we are at

02:30 mine and you have your menu along the left hand side if you click online store

02:36 you'll be taken to a screen similar to this I use an out of the sandbox

02:42 parallax theme so that's why that information is there if you use a

02:46 different theme that information will be presented so it'll look close to this

02:52 but it may be a little different you will see these two buttons though

02:57 actions and customize we're going to go into actions and then select edit code

03:04 okay once you click on edit code you'll come to this to this screen it'll be a

03:09 bunch of options here this will either be empty like this or there may be some

03:14 tabs in here if you've been in here before either way you're gonna find the

03:19 theme dot liquid section mine is right here under the layout yours may be in a

03:24 different area but it'll be theme dot liquid go ahead and click on that now at

03:30 first glance it's a little bit intimidating if you've never gone into

03:34 the code and there's all kinds of stuff in here don't worry about it just scroll

03:37 all the way to the bottom at the very bottom you're gonna see this we're body

03:44 with a couple of brackets and a black slash we're gonna paste what we just

03:50 copped it from the email right above this so I'm gonna go ahead and highlight

03:53 this

03:57 sorry I'm I hit return when hit it twice and I'm just gonna go right into line

04:03 264 now your theme may be different so you may not be on line 264 it may be a

04:11 different one don't worry about that as long as you put what we copied right

04:16 above the word body okay so you can just go ahead and paste those items in that

04:21 you copied from your email now it's quite long so it kind of jumps over

04:25 don't worry just go ahead and shift back over to your left

04:29 and you'll see all your code is there and what you inserted is now saved on

04:35 your theme that liquid file so go ahead and click Save and you'll get a button

04:41 that said assets saved okay so now let's go back to the your website or my

04:47 website for this example here so you'll see I don't have that logo here so I'm

04:55 gonna refresh the screen okay once that refresh goes through you'll see there is

05:01 the handicapped logo so if somebody comes to my website and they have a

05:06 disability a lot of times they'll be using a tool that they need to interact

05:09 with the website and they see that they can click on it and it'll help them have

05:14 a better user experience with my website and it also opens my business up to all

05:19 the people out there who have disabilities and are looking for

05:22 websites that are easier to use if you have any questions on this email me at

05:27 Brandon at Hoku marketing calm the excessive be calm link is in the

05:34 description and you click on that and talk to them they're real friendly and

05:38 very helpful over there as well any questions comments leave them below 05:42

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