Outsourcing Your Product Description Writing

Outsourcing Your Product Description Writing


Outsourcing Your Product Description Writing

If you have taken any of my e-commerce training classes you know that the product detail page is the most important on your website.

The product detail page shines with quality pictures and a well written product description. 

Pictures are fun to take and edit, product descriptions lose their luster after the first one is written.

Outsourcing product description writing can be a good way to ensure that your product descriptions are well-written, engaging, and effective at converting potential customers into buyers.

There are many freelance writers and content agencies that specialize in writing product descriptions and can provide high-quality descriptions at a reasonable price.

My recommended freelancers are below and here are some things to consider when outsourcing product description writing:

  1. Clearly communicate your brand's tone and style: It's important to make sure that the writer understands the tone and style that your brand uses in its marketing materials.

  2. Provide detailed information about the product: The more information you can provide about the product, the better the writer will be able to craft a description that accurately reflects the product's features and benefits.

  3. Set clear goals for the product description: Do you want the description to focus on the product's features, its benefits, or a combination of both? Having clear goals for the product description will help the writer craft a description that meets your needs.

  4. Ask for samples of the writer's work: It's always a good idea to ask for samples of a writer's work before hiring them, to get a sense of their writing style and see if it aligns with your brand.

  5. Establish clear guidelines and deadlines: Make sure you set clear guidelines and deadlines for the project, to ensure that the product description is completed on time and meets your standards.

Here are the 2 freelancers I recommend to help you plow through your product descriptions and to get them done perfectly. Click on the links below (create a free fiverr account if you don't have one) to learn more about what they do.

#1 - Twocakes 


#2 - Deejaycreations

Let me know if you use them and what your experience is.


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