Shopify Admin Menu Overview

Shopify Admin Menu Overview


Shopify Admin Menu Overview

In this Shopify beginner tutorial we go over the admin menu.

Learn about the Shopify navigation and what each area focuses on. Knowing how to navigate within Shopify helps you stay organized and get things done.

If you are thinking about starting with Shopify this is a great way to see how the layout is designed and if it would be a good fit for you. 



** Transcript **

Hey there, it's Brandon, and welcome to the first lecture in the course. Today, we're gonna do a brief overview of the Shopify admin and menus. So here we are, we're in our admin screen for Shopify, there's a lot of information on here, but once we go through this, you're going to realise that it's pretty simple and easy to navigate in this platform.

So let's take a look over here along the left hand side, you'll see some menu options. So let's go through those one by one. So the first one is the home screen, which is where we are right now. So if you ever get confused or lost, you can always just click home and start over in your navigation process. Right below that is the orders option.

Go ahead and click on that.

So if you had orders in your screen, this is where you would be able to look at it, get some general information, you'd be able to click on those orders, add notes and do some various things. But that's what you can do in the order section. Right below that is products. Let's go ahead and click on that. So within the product section, we're going to be spending a lot of time in products in this course.

So do familiarise yourself with this menu option. So clearly, we can add products, and we can find products in here, but we can also access some other features that are relevant to products themselves. One is inventory, transfers would be if we had multiple stores, and we needed to move product from one to the other. When we group products together, instead of calling them a grouping of products, we're gonna call them collections. So there is the collections options as well, on the left hand side, and then finally below that is gift cards. If we were to collect gift cards.

Below products, is customers, we will be spending some time in customers, so when people buy, we do collect some general information on them, like their address, what they purchased their history, etc. So you would be able to come in here and manually add a customer if somebody bought something off your platform and get some general information on them. So that would be found in the customer section.

These next three sections, finances, analytics, and marketing, feel free to click on those dig around and take a look. We won't be going into those in this course, we're going to be focusing more on managing and optimising the course. There are a couple of things you could do in here for that. but for for this course, we won't be spending any time in the finances, analytics or marketing sections. Below marketing, there's discounts. We'll be spending a little bit of time here and discounts will show you how to create a discount code, whether it's for a product or a volume or a certain dollar amount. So do go ahead and take a look around in that area as well.

Below discounts is the app section. Apps is just like you would imagine it from what's on your phone where you can go to the Apple app, app store or the Android app store and buy apps which enhance your phone. Same thing Shopify has some amazing features built into it. But you can also go to the App Store, purchase apps that will enhance the existing operational capacity of your Shopify store. Some

amazing things out there, feel free to go into the Shopify app store, take a look around, you'll see all kinds of unique and informative type of apps available for a store. Now below apps, we have this section here sales channels, and online stores.

So we're going to get into this a little bit more but sales channels, if you want to add sales channels would be if you wanted to add a POS system, or maybe you wanted to add a social media platform to sell on. But for this course, we're primarily going to focus on the default sales channel, which is the online store. So when you go ahead and click on the online store, you'll see it pulls up a new bunch of new options in the middle, and you have some new menu options along the left hand side, blog posts, pages navigations.

We are going to get into that for the course domains not so much, preferences just a little bit, s o don't worry about the domains for this but yeah, we're going to be going into all those sections. There's one last menu along the left that's almost hidden, it's all the way down on the bottom left and it's settings. You click on Settings. This will pull up the general settings for the store. Now for this course we're not going to be getting into a lot of this except for two areas which will be shipping and delivery. and notifications. So if you want go ahead and click through those take a look at what's in there, but those are the general settings that we'll be working with for this class.

We go back to the homepage, I just want to talk about what's all in this middle. You'll see up on the top over here, my store is showing that my address needs to be verified. So at any time as things come up, and there are alerts or things that need to be done on your store, this is where they'll put them right up on the top. And I'll give you an easy button so that you can immediately go to that section and make any changes or adjustments that you need.

Now everything below this, which is quite a lot, and it can be somewhat intimidating, looking at this whole laundry list, but it's a Shopify giving suggested things for you to do within your store. For this course, you don't need to worry about any of these things down through the middle. We will be working hand in hand and going through most of the menu items along the left hand side and in fact many of the things that they're going to suggest you get done with your store, we're going to be doing bit by bit as we go through the store.

Alright, so that is a quick overview of the Shopify admin menu.

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