Shopify Image Sizing Guide

Shopify Image Sizing Guide


Shopify Image Sizing Guide

Images....the E-commerce hook.

The top 2 places to spend your money when designing an ecommerce store are 

1. Images

2. Copy

Using the right image, in the right size and format, is important in giving off the right impression.

I recommend using Canva for your image editing and graphic design. They have a great free option that will do most of the work you need.

Below is a simple chart to help you with sizing your images correctly for your website. 

These are just guidelines and can be adjusted as you feel necessary. Use these recommendations as a starting point in sizing your images and graphics.

If you have been following along via my Youtube channel with the basic store setup you will find several images below the chart that you can use to follow along.

Use these demo images to insert into your store as you learn to work within Shopify. Most of the images also have the dimensions, in pixels, in the lower corner to help you remember.

Shopify Image Guide Chart

Banner Image - 1600x600

Shopify Banner Image Sample 1600x600

Favicon Image - 40x40 (You will notice in the guide chart it says 32x32, Canva only allows 40x40 and no smaller). 

Favicon Image For Shopify 40x40

Product Image - 1024x1024

Shopify Product Image Sample



Logo (Main Menu) - 720x100 

Shopify Main Menu Logo 1

Blog Image - 1800x600

Shopify Blog Image 1800x600


Video Placeholder - 1600x900

Video Placeholder Shopify Layout


Gallery Image - 800x800

Shopify Gallery Image Sample


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