Top 7 Strategies for Reducing Cart Abandonment

Top 7 Strategies for Reducing Cart Abandonment


Top 7 Strategies for Reducing Cart Abandonment

You get them to your website (ok)

They like what you are offering (nice!)

They add it to their cart (super!)

They begin the checkout process (awesome!)

They........*crickets* (WTF!)


People abandoned carts for thousands of reasons, we may never know exactly why but we can focus on getting them back to complete the purchase.

When customers leave your site without purchasing you are losing potential sale revenue. every lost order costs your business money! in addition, seo ranking and social media marketing efforts suffer because of it -- which ultimately drives down sales even further.

Offer Lots of Payment Options

The best way to ensure your customers will always feel welcome is by having many different payment options available. Having more payment options can help prevent cart abandonment when shopping online. Lack of payment options accounts for over 7% of abandoned shopping carts. Make sure to offer multiple payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, and Buy-Now-Pay-Later services to win back lost customers!

Money Back Guarantee

Offer ironclad protection, like an unconditional money-back guarantee, to remove doubts from customers' minds in advance about what they might experience after purchase.

No Hidden Costs!

Get the full picture before buying, including delivery and import taxes. Most people don't like paying for shipping, but when they're hit with an unexpected cost at checkout it's even worse. Provide the total cost upfront, so that customers can decide if they want to move on. Another important detail to note is the expected arrival time and when they can expect their email confirmation.

Remarket To Them

For customers who abandon their carts, use a remarketing campaign to try and lure them back.

Guest Checkout Options

Offer guests a guest checkout option. Some customers might find it frustrating if they can't complete checkout without first signing up for an account. We'll help eliminate the barrier of purchase by presenting our visitors with a choice to check out as guests or register an account.

Product Reviews - with Pictures!

Include product reviews with pictures.  Shoppers are more persuaded by positive reviews than they are by your brand messages and social proof (including testimonials). Use reviews on your product pages to provide shoppers with proof that others have had success using or purchasing your products (even if it's just one person). If you don't include photos, consider using Instagram or Pinterest links to show off user photos instead.

Show Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most effective tactics you can employ on your site to encourage conversions, particularly if you're just getting started with online sales. One of the easiest ways to add social proof is by showing customers what others are saying about your brand via reviews or testimonials.

In the end remember, this potential customer went to the majority of the process to purchase. A little extra effort on your end may result in another happy customer. 




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