Website Hosting On Google Cloud

Website Hosting On Google Cloud


Website Hosting On Google Cloud

Managing a WordPress Website Hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform

Build a gorgeous WordPress website and host it on a secure, fast, and user-friendly cloud-based platform.

E-commerce with one click. 

By collaborating with WooCommerce, we have simplified the process of operating an e-commerce website. Your WordPress website will be ready to use with just one click. You’ll be able to begin selling products on your online store in no time!

World-class Google hosting.

You will get automated speed, security, and storage with Google’s cloud-based platform. You can take comfort in knowing that your website will remain up and running safely with this reliable platform.

A robust content management system.

WordPress happens to be the world’s number one CMS. It powers more than 60% of websites that use a CMS.

Simplified website design.

Consider using the cutting edge visual builder known as “Elegant Themes Divi Builder.” This program simplifies the process of designing a website. Best of all, no coding experience is necessary.

Security built-in.

Automatic backups will be performed for your website each day. That means if something goes wrong with your website, you can restore it with one click of a mouse. Also, your website’s SSL certificate (which is included) will tell visitors that your website is completely secure.

Engaging reports.

Your site will include a comprehensive reporting dashboard, allowing you to see important performance metrics. You’ll be able to determine how quickly your pages load, find out the amount of visitors that come to your website each day, and more.



Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress: what is it?

WordPress can be described as a powerful and intuitive website/blogging CMS (content management system). It handles all of the programming and background coding on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the aesthetics and content of your site. WordPress is an open-source program, and as such, it is continuously being improved by people all over the globe. New features are regularly being added to it, too.

Domain names: what are they?

You can liken domain names to street addresses, but for your website instead of a physical location. Domain names are comprised of numbers and letters, and usually end with a “.com” (though other TLDs – top-level domains – can also be used). Domain names are the URLs that people enter to get to your site.

Who owns the domain name for my website?

If a currently-used domain name is used to build your website, domain ownership will be attributed to you.

Who owns my website?

You do. A copy of your site can also be exported at your discretion.

What is included in my monthly package?

You will get everything you require to operate a website, including:

  • Customer support.
  • Custom templates.
  • Domain set up.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • Unlimited backups.
  • Migration plug-ins.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • A hosting domain (.websitepro*).
  • SSL certificates.
  • A hosting plan.

Are there restrictions on WordPress themes and plug-ins?

There aren’t any restrictions on themes and plug-ins. You can use any theme or plug-in with the Website Pro plan, though it already includes its own security, backup, and migration tools. As such, you are discouraged from using other types of plug-ins for those features.

Are there any pre-installed plug-ins that come with certain templates?

Divi Builder and WooCommerce plug-ins are already installed on certain website templates. Such plug-ins will let you create an e-commerce website easily. You’ll be able to make edits to your site’s front end, and no coding will be necessary on your part.

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