Why You Need To Backup Your Shopify Store - Everyday

Why You Need To Backup Your Shopify Store - Everyday


Why You Need To Backup Your Shopify Store - Everyday

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Did you know that Shopify does not backup your store?

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The solution I recommend is Rewind.io

If you are not sure, keep reading...


The Four Elements To Reliable Website Backup

     1.Updates on the site are automatically updated.

Add a product, change a price, adjust a description, or add a picture, it all needs to be backed up. As an e-commerce store owner you know there are many moving parts to your online store. Focus on selling and not backing up.

      2. Everything is being backed up.

No matter if its just one update or a thousands skus, you need to know its all being backed up. Plans or apps that only cover certain things are just setting you up for frustration and missed items.

      3. Back up is not on your site (even your computer).

The reason you need backups is because things happen. Sometimes those "things" are local. Connectivity issues, computer issues, platform issues.

You DONT want your Shopify store backed up on Shopify. Use these guys instead - Rewind

      4. Easy to access and simple to restore.

If its hard and complicated it just wont work. Quick access and simple steps to restore will make sure you busiest sales day will go smoothly.


The No Backup Nightmare 

Losing Customers, Credibility, and Revenue.

Here is a simple formula - Revenue Per Hour/Day * (Estimated Time To Recover Website). Don't know how long it will take? Scary!

Let me ask you a question...What do you think the odds are of your site going down on a slow day, limited stress on system vs. the busiest day (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) of the year? I honestly dont know the answer to this question, but life experiences point me in one direction.

If your site goes down, after spending all that money on advertising, on the busiest day then it will have a disproportionate effect on your credibility. 

Cost To Recover - Time & Money 

So you are losing revenue, credibility, and customers, lets throw some salt on the wound.

Do you know how to recover your website, skus, transactions, receipts, customer history, delivery address? If not, you will have to pay someone.

Will you need it done right away or are you ok with the site being down 7-10 days? Oh, so you need rush service?

Finally, yes there is more, there is the lost customer who will never come back because of a poor first experience. Im sure you have read all about the cost to acquire a new customer vs. keeping an existing one.

Make a good first impression, every time.  

Losing Work Done On Your Website

How long did you content take to write? Maybe you are just starting our or maybe you have been writing for years, imagine losing it all. This would be unimaginable for me to deal with.

Speaking of content, remember the reason you did it is probably so you are found online. SEO loss, bad links, error messages, and Google dropping you in search results because of an increase in bounce rates. Average time on page? way down, average time on site, down again.

Maybe you are thinking about the hundred skus you have, thousands you say? ouch. Im guessing you took the time to write (or paid someone) a good product description. Size charts, color options, shipping terms, testimonials...the carnage will be deep.

The biggest cause of data loss is........Human Error
It All Starts With A Domain & GoDaddy Can Help You

6 Ways You Can Lose Your Mind (I mean website data)


1. Human Error 

2. CSV Imports

3. Theme Edits

4. Installing, Integrating, Removing Apps

5. Employee Sabotage

6. Malware & Hackers


The best time to start backing up your store is when you first get started, the second best time is today.


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