Your Customers Now Control Your Reputation Conversation

Your Customers Now Control Your Reputation Conversation


Your Customers Now Control Your Reputation Conversation

Your reputation used to be what you said about yourself, or the TV ad said, or the magazine ad. Today its about what the customers say on social networks and review sites.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the gathering place for discussion about businesses and how well they are serving customer needs. This conversation is taking place at all hours around the globe.

Facebook has even put in place the option to leave reviews just like other review sites making the social network powerhouse even more influential. 

Review sites offer consumers, brands, and the wild cards, an equal voice in the conversation. The days of the business controlling the conversation are over.

While it may be intimidating or seem like a daunting task to monitor, respond, and amplify reviews businesses should embrace the opportunity for immediate feedback. Unfortunately not everyone uses the same social or review site so monitoring may be cumbersome, regardless though, it must be done consistently. 

Responding to reviews is critical in this day and age because millions of potential customers are watching and reading reviews. The only thing worse then a bad review is not responding to a bad review. In addition, the worst thing that can happen to a good review is not taking the time to thank your customer. 

While there are many stumbling blocks in the new digital world of reviews and star ratings there is a huge opportunity when responding to what customers are saying. Staying on top of reviews on all platforms, responding in a timely manner, and using proven industry best practices will help your business move to the top of the ratings.


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