7 Reasons You Should Be Using 360 Product Photos

7 Reasons You Should Be Using 360 Product Photos


7 Reasons You Should Be Using 360 Product Photos

360 Product Pictures Are Something You Need. Here Are Seven Reasons Why:

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Product photography of this type depicts your goods beautifully, which subsequently increases your sales.

 Wondering if you should be using a 360 photo or still image? We did an article discussing that exact issue, read it HERE.

1. Your Customers Will Be Able to Virtually “Touch” Products

You will be able to minimize the amount of products that get returned. That is because buyers will be able to see aspects of your product from every side. Such a feature isn’t possible with basic photography.

Every transaction is an emotional one and every opportunity for a potential customer to connect is important. If they are going to purchase a product from you, let them see the whole thing.

2. You Will Be Able to Set Yourself Apart from a Crowd

Not a lot of sellers fill their catalogs with 360 product pictures. By using them, you can distinguish yourself from others and come across as a more professional seller.

People will see that you care about how a product looks, as well as the impression it gives. Customers will appreciate their ability to study a product before purchasing it.

With tens of thousands of websites showcasing their products, many of them your competitors, differentiating is hard.

3. Creative Selling Approach

Research suggests that buyers will usually purchase products that have 360 pictures in their listing, more so than with video.

That is because consumers prefer to have control over their examination of products. Customers like studying items they are interested in buying. Videos are essentially one-dimensional motion pictures, while 360 pictures allow consumers to see things from every angle.

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4. Saves You Money

Many 360 products charge a premium and can eat up your margins quickly. We have found one that offers a free version and is priced at the right price point to keep your operation profitable.

Glo3Dapp can be used with 360 product photos. No freelance photographers are necessary, either. Simply switch it on, then start making beautiful photos on your mobile device. 

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5. Not for Every Product

360 product photos can be used for small items like statuettes, toys, equipment, shoes, and jewelry. If you’re interested in taking pictures of furniture or cars, 3D models can be drawn, or a large turntable can be used.

6. Website Trending

Many sellers use 360 pictures to display their products on eBay and Amazon. It has raised twice the amount of sales in a matter of months for some sellers.

Products without a 360 view look basic and boring. 360 product photos turn your products into “must-haves.”

7. Reduced Product Returns

Just about every e-commerce business considers product returns to be a big problem. They are generally expensive and may result in negative feedback from a customer.

Customers should feel confident that they are buying the proper product when checking out. That cannot happen if the images displayed aren’t satisfactory to them.

By using 360 product photos, e-commerce companies can decrease the amount of products that are returned, and customers will be able to visualize what they are buying a lot better.

Check out our recommended 3D Photo App and be sure to use HOKU25 for 25% off.  

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