9 Proven Ways Product Packaging Can Turn Customers Into Raging Fans In

9 Proven Ways Product Packaging Can Turn Customers Into Raging Fans In 2021


9 Proven Ways Product Packaging Can Turn Customers Into Raging Fans In 2021

1. Identify your brand clearly on the outside of your packaging

You see it quite a bit nowadays with various brands putting their logos and name on the side of boxes.

Amazon is probably the most noticeable brand with their logo on every box, they are just about everywhere (which brings up another huge discussion about why you should not be using Amazon to build your brand, but thats for another time).

Canva does an excellent job of incorporating their logo, brand colors, and shipping label into one piece.

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One thing I like about branding with the shipping label ON the box instead of printing it directly on the box itself is it allows you flexibility at a reduced cost. You could ad some winter images during the holidays or celebrate a milestone with a special message.

Sharing your brand on a sticker is easier (and more  cost effective!) then printing on the box itself. 

As you build your brand, people will begin to notice your colors and font quite readily, I notice the Canva color and logo instantly now.

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2. Use the moment your package is opened to communicate with your customer

Packaging Thank You Card

Go ahead and Google, customer engagement, you will find thousands of articles and studies around this concept. I know exactly when you have the most engaged customer and I have never done a study on it. 

All you need, to know that opening boxes (presents!) is the point in time customers are most engaged, is kids. Have you ever seen a child open a gift for their birthday or other special occasion? The are engaged, 100%

When I opened the box (100% engaged) the first thing I saw was "Thank you!", and it made me feel good about my decision to purchase.


3. Use the box itself for sending a message

Packaging with a message

I remember back a few years when the local magazine sales rep would come by and talk ad placement. He was good, knew his product and got right down to selling.

We talked about things like "above the fold" and which side of the magazine readers would look at first. 

While the "Thank you!" card was placed in the best possible place, this friendly message "Enjoy" is also placed on some good "real estate" 

Im not sure if I appreciate the message more then the fact that it took away from the boring old cardboard box. Either way, its a win.

To be sure though, I haven't even seen my purchase yet and I have already been presented with 2 positive messages. I have been primed and my expectations are ready to be met.

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4. Share some information about your brand while you have the customers attention

Packaging Brand Information

If you think I read the back of this card before looking at my cards you would be wrong but stay with me, we'll get there.

This is the backside of the thank you card I noticed immediately upon opening the box. 

A thank you, a little bragging (Canva has been used for over 1Billion designs), all wrapped up in a little story. Stories are the word behind the brand that make us come by to say "hi".

It was signed by Melanie, who is this Melanie? No title, no last name...its almost like we know each other.

Did you see the QR code in the bottom left? I scanned it after downloading my QR scanner again,  I deleted it a while back, oh well.

So I scanned the QR code and it took me directly to an article about Canva and their efforts around print sustainability. No landing page, no sales offer. Kudos.


5. Look for an opportunity to turn a customer into a raging fan

Packaging Brand Gift

A simple sticker.

If you don't know the power of a simple sticker then you have never seen a child go from end-of-the-world-just-got-a-shot-meltdown to picky decision maker in 3 seconds flat. Nurses know the power of a simple sticker.

There are all kinds of sales studies behind giving something to a customer and the impact it has. Tried and true only lasts because it works. 

So now that you have this sticker what are you going to do with it? Stick it on something obviously, or maybe someone in the office has kids and you can give it to them.

The point is that its going somewhere and will remind you, or someone else, about this brand for as long as the sticker survives. Conversations will start, mental notes will be made, and customers become lifelong fans who remember.

..and we have all had shots.

6. Be aware of the material you use in your packaging  

Its something new and we all agree its important. People, companies and brands are all paying attention to their packaging and what is being used to manufacture it. 

Even with my untrained eye I could tell that there was very little, if any, plastic used in the packaging of this product. I have gotten business cards many time before and they were almost always in plastic wrap. 

People notice.

That QR code on the back of the thank you card took me to this article, https://product.canva.com/print-sustainability/) , see what Canva is doing and the lengths they went through to do it right.



7. Look for opportunities to enhance the product with packaging

Packaging Dual Use

It might not be possible for every product being sold but if it's possible then take advantage of another opportunity. 

Business cards need a holder, not the display holder on your desk, the one in the drawer that holds 500. Can you think of ways that your product can be stored or presented with the packaging it comes in?

The box I received with the cards inside is easy to open and looks neat and tidy. It also has the Canva logo on the top, someone thought this through.

8. Encourage them to share their experience by providing social or other channels to share on

On the back of the Thank You! card Canva encourages its customer to share their experience by tagging them at #canvalove. As of this posting there are over 21k posts tagged.

People have shared their business cards, postcards, and love for design. Its quite amazing to see the involvement from people all over the world around one brand.

People want to connect with others with similars interests, give them the opportunity to do so.


9. Make it incredibly easy to order again

Packaging Reorder Information

Like most people, I order things when I am out. 

Can you position yourself to be there at the exact moment a customer runs out? How about making the last card an order card?

All the information you need is typed up nice and neat (although waaay to small, how about a little love on the font size Canva?), waiting for you at the end of the box, right when you need it.

QR code, part number, description, order number, its all there nice and neat.


From the moment your customer receives their package, opens it up, digs through the contents, and throws it away, you are given opportunities. I hope the experience I had with Canva stirs some creative ideas on packaging for your business.

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