How To Embed A Podcast Episode In Your Blog

How To Embed A Podcast Episode In Your Blog


How To Embed A Podcast Episode In Your Blog

 In this video I show you step by step how to create an embed code in Buzzsprout and put it into your blog.

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"Look over my shoulder" as I got into my Buzzsprout account and select an episode. I show you where the embed code generator option is and how to create the code.

Once we have the embed code I go into my Shopify admin screen and then to the blog section.

You can be using just about any platform as long as html is allowed to be uploaded. We add the embed code in the spot we want it and take a look at the final product. Short and simple.



Hi everyone today I'd like to show you how to grab the embed code from your buzzsprout podcast hosting platform and put that into a blog post on the Shopify platform.
So, let's take a look so when you log into your buzzsprout account you'll, be here where your episodes are.
Let me click on that real, quick, so you'll see.
I have multiple episodes here and you can do this from any episode, even old ones, that you've done in the past, but I'm gonna go ahead and do this first, one that has a little orange dot to it because that's scheduled to go out next Monday.
So I want to have all of that set and ready to go.
So, let's click on that.
One and you'll notice here on the right side of your screen.
There'S a menu with a whole bunch of options, go ahead and scroll down almost to the bottom and you'll see this here embed this one episode, so I'm gonna go ahead and click on that and that pulls up this pop up.
We can see here what the embed is going to look like.
Well, Sproul does a really good job.
It'S really sharp pools in your artwork.
Has a nice clear, easy to see play button little waveform.
Here people can jump around in the player on the website.
They can also speed it up.
A lot of people like to listen to podcasts at double speed and some other options here as well.
Well, we want to grab those.
We want to grab this code here now.
You can go ahead and scroll through and select it, but if you want just click, this button right here copy embed code, and it is now on your clipboard go ahead and close this screen.
So now I'm gonna go ahead and jump on over to my admin screen on my Shopify platform.
This is what my websites on yours may be on a different platform, but wherever, whatever platform you are WordPress Squarespace, Wix, Shopify or any others, you want to get to the spot where you are posting your blogs so right over here, I'm to add a blog post.
Let me put in a title here, so this title is gonna be, and now I'm gonna go ahead and put in a description.
Now, I'm gonna go ahead and add a featured image.
I just use a standard one you can put whatever image you want into your blog post.
So now that I have my title, my content, I'm going to put in and my image, let's get to embedding the actual podcast episode.
So here on the screen.
There'S a couple of options for formatting your text in the blog post, but you see on the upper right here, show HTML, that's what you want to click on, and this takes you into the HTML platform for your blocks, blog post now, depending on where you want To embed your podcast, that's where you're going to paste that information that we copied earlier from buzzsprout.
So I like to have mine right at the top, so I'm just going to go ahead and create a little space here, a man V and copy in what I had on my clipboard.
So that is the HTML code for the embed of the podcast.
Now I'm going to click this editor, let's get back to this regular view here, so you don't see it right away, but it is in there.
So let's go ahead and save and I'm gonna go ahead and click the view button and, let's see what this blog post looks like now that we've embedded that code in there.
It is so there's my title: there's my featured image and there is the embedded podcast episode.
So people can come here.
They can listen to it right here right on their desktop or, if they're looking at it on a mobile device.
They can watch the or listen to the entire episode and that's it and that's how you embed a buzzsprout podcast single episode into your blog post on the shop of my platform.
Any questions leave them in the comments below thanks for watching

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