The Complete Buzzsprout Guide

The Complete Buzzsprout Guide


The Complete Buzzsprout Guide

About this guide...

So if you are reading this article you are probably just getting started with podcasting or you are thinking about podcasting and trying to decide on a good hosting platform. 

If you don't have a buzzsprout account its free to create one and you can follow along for the best learning experience. Buzzsprout 

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This guide will take you through, with videos, every section available in Buzzsprout.

This guide is long and covers quite a bit of information, if you are here for a specific query then use the links below to jump to the section that best helps you.

Be sure to read this comparison between Buzzsprout & Podbean if you are still undecided on which hosting platform you should use. 

Buzzsprout guide

1. Getting Started With Buzzsprout

In this video I take you step by step in creating an account with Buzzsprout. You can create a free account HERE and follow along.  

If you are looking to upload your first episode scroll down to the next section and that video will take you through uploading your first episode.

 In this video I actually create a dummy account so you can see the whole process of setting up an account with Buzzsprout.

2. How To Upload And Schedule A Podcast Episode 

In this section I take a newly created podcast file, edited in Garage Band and saved in my computer file, and upload it to Buzzsprout.

We go step by step through all the boxes, fields, and options so you can see exactly what needs to be done. I even talk about the sections that I don't use in case it may be relevant to you and your podcast.

I discuss some tips and best practices around podcast description, tags, artwork, and proper labeling. Buzzsprout makes it easy and clear so you don't miss anything before uploading.

Finally we schedule the podcast to go live on a future date but I also show you how to publish immediately.


3. How To Embed A Podcast Episode In Your Blog

In this video I show you step by step how to create an embed code in Buzzsprout and put it into your blog.

Visit Buzzsprout here -

"Look over my shoulder" as I got into my Buzzsprout account and select an episode. I show you where the embed code generator option is and how to create the code.

Once we have the embed code I go into my Shopify admin screen and then to the blog section. You can be using just about any platform as long as html is allowed to be uploaded.

We add the embed code in the spot we want it and take a look at the final product. Short and simple.



4. How To Transcribe Your Podcast Episode

In this video I show you step by step how to transcribe your podcast on the Buzzsprout platform.

If you are just getting started you can start a free account here

I talk a bit about why transcription is important and the SEO benefits it has for websites and growing your podcast.

I also share how you can use to have someone edit your transcription for even better SEO value.


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