How To Transcribe Your Podcast Episode

How To Transcribe Your Podcast Episode


How To Transcribe Your Podcast Episode

In this video I show you step by step how to transcribe your podcast on the Buzzsprout platform.

This is one part of The Complete Buzzsprout Guide.

If you are just getting started you can start a free account here

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I talk a bit about why transcription is important and the SEO benefits it has for websites and growing your podcast.

I also share how you can use to have someone edit your transcription for even better SEO value.





Hello: everyone today, I'm gonna talk to you about how to get the transcripts from your buzzsprout account.
Now all you need to do.
First off is just log in go to your main web page.
Just like I have mine here and you'll see your list of episodes that you can pick from to get your transcript done now.
There are places you can go to to get transcripts done of audio files, but buzzsprout makes it really easy.
You can do it right within from the main menu itself of the episode.
So let's take a look so this last one that I have here done April.
I have not done the transcript yet so let's go ahead and click on that and if you look down along the right-hand side of the menu you'll see right under amplify this episode, there is an option to transcribe this episode, so let's go ahead and click on That and it's gonna give us a couple of options here.
First, it's kind of showing us the process.
You know you're gonna submit for the transcription.
Then you're gonna get an email.
Then you can edit your email of the transcription and then post it or use the transcript.
However, you want it's yours, you own it.
So they give two options.
One is the transcribe with this company Timmy, that's gonna be about 425.
For my episode, my episode is pretty short: it's only 16 minutes and 50 seconds, so it's 25 cents per minute.
So you can calculate that, based on how long your episode is really 25 cents for a mint per minute to transcribe an episode is awesome.
That is amazing: it used to be a dollar.
A minute is what they used to to offer, and the amount of SEO content that you can you get that you can use on?
Maybe your website or share via different platforms and social media.
It'S very valuable and the reason I'm doing this video is to show you, because I really recommend that you do get the transcription done now.
Buzzsprout also has another one here, that's free!
It'S in the beta version.
I did it.
It was a little wonky for me, but I really hope buzzsprout is able to come out and improve on that, because obviously freeze better than 25 cents per minute, especially for those of you who are doing hour-long type of podcasts with maybe multiple guests, and you just Have a lot of action going on, but let's go ahead and let's do this one right here: we're gonna transcribe the episode for 425, so I have a paid account with buzzsprout.
As I'm sure most of you do so that's gonna just you don't even have to worry about the charge.
It'S just going to go automatically right to the card that you have on file.
So as soon as you click transcribe, it's not it's.
gonna tell you: okay, it's now being transcribed.
That basically means they're working on it and you can go back and do other things, but quite soon you should be getting an email, and I'm gonna show you what that email looks like right now.
Okay, once you get that email in from buzzsprout, it's gonna look just like this.
It'S gonna give you the title of your episode, showing you that the transcription is done and it has been transcribed.
So if you want to view and edit the transcription, you can go ahead and click right here.
This will allow you to preview and edit.
So let's do that real, quick, so here's the format that pulls up for you to edit the transcription.
So, there's quite a few things going on in here up on the top left here you can see that it gives you a rating based on the quality and that really depends on how well it was able to read your audio file to do the transcription.
So if you're, using a good mic, you're speaking clearly there's no background noise, you're, probably gonna get a high quality transcription.
That'S usually what I get, but I do understand.
Some people do podcasting on the road or maybe in a public place, or somebody may be.
A remote guest is not speaking as clearly or has a bad connection, so the quality of the transcription may fluctuate based off of that, and you can go ahead and play your podcast right here as you move along.
So if you are going through and reading as you're, you can go ahead and type in here and make edits and corrections and just fiddle with it until you're happy with the transcription.
Now this transcription here you own, so you can go ahead and copy this and download it and put it wherever you want.
It could be on your website.
It could be also be shared on different social media platforms or anywhere that you want you own it now, when you do a transcription of your podcast through buzzsprout, they will also add it to your buzzsprout website, which is the one that comes with buzzsprout.
This isn't your your other website that you may have buzz prop will provide you with the reps with a website.
So let me show you what that looks like after you've completed a transcription, so here we are back at my page that we laughed when we requested for the transcription to be done.
So, let's go back to the episode and I'm gonna go up here on the menu and go to website, and this is the podcast website that buzzsprout provides not my own personal one, so I'm gonna click on that.
So this is the website and you can go ahead and change colors and do some things with the with a buzzsprout website.
But for this purposes I just want to show you where the transcription is gonna be for your podcast.
So if you scroll down you'll see your recent episodes, this is the one that we just did the transcription of.
So if I click on that episode, you'll see there is a tab here now that says transcript.
So if you click on that, there's the transcript right.
There for you so before we did the did the transcript all that was.
There was the show notes, which is the information that you type in when you're creating your episode.
So now you have the transcription right there.
Now, some of you aren't there saying.
Well, that's great!
If you look at the transcript you'll see that it's just straight transcription of audio to text now you may want to clean that up.
Maybe you want to present it better on your website and one how to do that.
So, of course you can do it yourself, but if you're like many and you want to outsource that there are multiple platforms out there, where you can send that work out and have someone else, do it for you.
What are some of the benefits, I think just having the transcription and putting it on your website will increase SEO because there's a lot of keywords in there and that's how Google is looking at your website.
But in addition to that, you want to make it easy to read easy for them to digest when they do come to your website, or they do find, find you via search and go to the written text version of your podcast.
So one place you can go to, of course, is Fiverr, so I have one that I looked at.
I haven't used this person.
I just want to show it as an example, so this one will turn your podcast into a blog post, so they're not doing the transcription, they will do a Content, rewrite structure it make it more.
It make it easier and more pleasant visually, so people can read it, so this isn't the actual transcription.
You would send them that transcription and say: hey clean this up now.
This person here charges twenty dollars for two thousand words.
If you are a know, much about blog writing and paying people to write blogs for you or SEO type of content, a two thousand word blog post for twenty dollars, that's a pretty good deal and if you're a transcription and the content that you're talking about is High quality thats even better so to get a two thousand word blog posts for twenty dollars to put on your website is great SEO value to not only your podcast getting found, but also your website.
So that's it pretty simple on how to get a transcription done for your podcast on the bus sprout platform.
I do recommend you do it for episode every episode, it's good for SEO it's great to share.
I hope you enjoyed this video go ahead and click the subscribe button, the Bell button so that you're notified when I put the next one out thanks for

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