Klaviyo - The Email E-Commerce Powerhouse

Klaviyo - The Email E-Commerce Powerhouse


Klaviyo - The Email E-Commerce Powerhouse


In this episode I talk about Klaviyo and all the amazing things it can do for your e-commerce website.

A steep learning curve but boy oh boy, what you can do is quite amazing and will put you heads and shoulders above the competition. If you want to get into segmentation, triggers, flows, and advanced automation sequences then this is the ticket.

Easy to use pricing tool and preset automations are indicators that they have not forgotten the new guys. Check out some of the customers and how they use the platform, you will be impressed.   





Speaker 1: (00:02)
This is digital marketing tool talk, never miss out or fall behind on the latest digital tools for social media, SEO content reviews and the entire digital marketing space. I'm your host, Brandon Hughes. Welcome back everyone. I hope you enjoyed last week's episode where we talked about convert kit and I hope all of you are washing your hands, staying at home and being safe. What a week it has been. I know you're getting inundated with all kinds of information regarding what's going on with the world with the Corona virus, so I'll leave it at that. Hopefully you're at home or you're somewhere safe and it's an excellent opportunity for you to do a lot of research and really refine some of the things that you're, you're looking to work with some of the tools, you know last week we talked convert kit that was really focused to content providers like blogs or people giving lessons or programs online. This week we're going to take a right hand turn and we're going to look at a platform that, in my opinion is probably the Ferrari of eCommerce email platforms. If it can be done. This platform is probably the one that has it. They do some of the best email marketing, reporting, segmentation and and just abilities than any other eCommerce platform. Integrated email that I've seen. And the one that I'm talking about is Klaviyo. Let's take a look.

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All right, Klaviyo. If you're on Shopify, Amazon marketplace, woo commerce, big commerce, Magento, open cart, Volusion, 3d cart or any of these other eCommerce platforms, you've probably heard of them. If you haven't, you definitely need to take some time to go take a look at what Klaviyo can do for your eCommerce business. But let's get directly to what we always start out with and that's pricing. So one thing that I like about Klaviyo is when you go to their website and you go to pricing, it's blank. You can just type in your number and boom, it'll pull up your cost on a monthly basis. What's nice also is it's unlimited email sends. So there isn't this hidden little twist where yeah, you have a thousand contacts but you're only limited to so many sends. So if you have a thousand contacts, you can put it right in there.

Speaker 1: (02:49)
And it'll tell you your per month price. Simple, easy to use. I cannot say I liked the really large font. It's hidden. It's just so easy and it's so simple. And I think some of these other eCommerce platforms, myself included, can really look to this as a great example of how to present pricing on your website. You'll notice when you go to Klaviyo's website and you type in the number of contacts to get your monthly pricing, they also have the option for SMS and a combination email and SMS. Now, if you're doing eCommerce, you know that you can grab people's phone numbers sometime during the process. So this opens up an opportunity for you to communicate with them via text. I'm not going to go too deep into it cause we're going to stick with Klaviyo, but if you get a chance, go ahead and just search up SMS or text open rate and you'll see some very interesting data on that.

Speaker 1: (03:58)
It is something that is hot, particularly if they're engaged with you and your brand. SMS is a great way to engage with people and send them a message. So, uh, kudos to Klaviyo providing that right off the front. Same thing with the SMX, a text message. You can just type in the ma, uh, the number that you think you're going to send on a monthly basis and you can quickly come up with a budget. So definitely something I like. Now they do offer a free tier. This one is only 250 contacts and you're only allowed to send 500 emails. So yes, it's tiny. But I know a significant portion of you out there are just starting. So if you're just starting with your email list, 250 can be a big number. Maybe you have 10, maybe you're just getting into it. I think it's a great way to sync it.

Speaker 1: (04:55)
And as you build up your email list, you'll get a chance to learn about all of the systems processes that Klaviyo has to offer. Now that's a perfect segue to take me into one of the biggest strengths and biggest challenges that Klaviyo has. I think I mentioned last week about how easy and intuitive convert kit was. However, they don't have as many segmentation tagging or other types of form options that Klaviyo does. So if you're the type who's really bootstrapping it and maybe not as tech savvy or you don't have the time to really dig into it, take a look at Klaviyo first and dig around. It is robust, it's deep. One of the biggest comments that I see with people who are looking at Klaviyo is that there is a steep learning curve. Don't shy away from it because of that, because at the end of steep learning curve is some amazing things that you can do for your eCommerce store.

Speaker 1: (06:03)
So you know, put the time in. If you can learn it, the platform will be able to do a lot of cool and interesting things for you. So one of the things that I like about Klaviyo is the customizable forms. Also a what you would call popups or inline registration. So some of these other platforms that I look at really limited and they're kind of cookie cutter. Klaviyo kind of takes it the next step. You can pull in your brand colors, your fonts, really customize it. Keep that branding really tight and seamless throughout your, your website, throughout the emails that you're sending out. It's really sharp. They do a real good job with their forms and they get into all the normal type of features that you expect nowadays, like a loading delay or you want to show by a certain URL or you want to show these forms at a certain time throughout, throughout your brand.

Speaker 1: (07:01)
So they definitely do a good job with the forms in there, especially with the customization and the branding you'll find with you go to Klaviyo's site, uh, some of their customer success stories, um, you go look at them, most of them, they're pretty tight. They run a tight ship, their branding is solid. A little tip that I would give to you if you want to really see a great email system and process is go to some of these customers that they have and sign up for their email list. You'll be able to see their welcome email, you'll see what they're doing and you know that it's all being done with Klaviyo. The one I recommend is Chubbies, uh, that those guys do some pretty crazy stuff out there. So if you get a chance, sign up for theirs and you'll be able to learn a lot just by receiving some of the emails from Cleevio type customers.

Speaker 1: (07:54)
The signup form reports are great forms, definitely top notch. Let's talk about audience segmentation, segmentation and the, um, the option for, uh, flows and automation. These are the two areas that, that clivia really is the, the 800 pound gorilla in the room. They do a really good job. Of course, if you're doing a really good job, that means you can do a lot of crazy things and it can get complicated. So just, you know, a little bit of balance there. Uh, the segmentation, it just, almost anything you want to do. If you want to segment your customers, you want to segment, take them on a type of behaviors that they have. Maybe your, um, certain events that take place. Like maybe when they purchase something or they visit a certain website, a certain page on your website. But let's say you want to take it, you only want to target somebody who's looked at a particular product a certain number of times.

Speaker 1: (09:02)
So you might have a first time visitor goes and looks at your amazing widget and you have an email that goes out to them. But what about somebody who's come back to your website five, six, 10 times and continues to look at the same product? Wouldn't it be great to send them a different type of message? Yeah, it would. It would be, you know, Hey buddy, what's going on? Why aren't you buying? What are we missing? You know, maybe you want to give them your direct email and say, for crying out loud, quit looking at it. Email me already and let's hash it out and figure out what, what is it that you need? What, what, what do you need from us? What more information do you need? But it just gives you the opportunity to, to connect with them because you know that their behavior and the actions that they're taking are on, um, are different.

Speaker 1: (09:53)
Um, also, uh, you know, if you do a different type of targeting and you're sending something, you know, if somebody bought something last week, you don't want to start hitting them with emails about that same product over and over again so you can exclude them based off the behavior that they've taken with that. They also offer a Facebook advertising paired with the segmentation, uh, through, uh, Klaviyo. They say sky's the limit and I kind of agree with them, particularly with Klaviyo. Klayvio average order value. You know, you want to send someone a certain type of message based on what they're ordering. Where are you getting these customers from? Are they coming from social media? Are they coming from search? Are they coming from paid advertising? Send them different messages based off of where you acquire them. They only buy certain types of products. You know, are they only buying women cosmetic items?

Speaker 1: (10:51)
Send them that. If you sell, um, maybe women's clothes also on your website and you notice they never buy clothes, they only buy cosmetics, you may want to, you can send them a customized message based off of their shopping behavior. Do you have people who just buy full price all the time. Why? Why do they buy full price? I don't know. Maybe you want to send them a different message from the person who only buys with coupons. Right? You can split that up. So I know that's a lot, but that's my point with Klaviyo is if you're in eCommerce, these guys, you can do some amazing things on this platform. Of course, ideas are great. Execution is a different story. Uh, let's go into the last area here that I want to talk about. You know, you've got the behavioral data that's coming in, uh, from people briars browsing your site and engaging with you, the customer data.

Speaker 1: (11:50)
All of this is pulling in. So, you know, I was just talking about, okay, someone takes a certain action, you want to send them a different message. Well, that message, that message doesn't necessarily have to be just one different email. That action or behavior that they take could send them into a different automation or a different series of emails that you create. And I really think this is where all these email platforms you really shine because you, you take all that work and you put it in there and you create these automations and they're just constantly running 24, seven 365 days of the year and then you can really just move into the, the workflow of tweaking, AB testing, optimizing. You have all that meat and potatoes of kind of in place. So one of the strengths of convert kit that I mentioned last week was you can easily see the flow.

Speaker 1: (12:54)
Klaviyo has something similar. I think those other guys are, are a little bit easier, but Klaviyo does have a real nice one where you can see the trigger, right? What happened that got them into this flow? Okay? You want to wait a certain amount of certain amount of time before you send them. Sure can send them that. Is it going to be based on their order value, what they ordered? You can start splitting it from there. You can go absolutely crazy with your flow and really target your email, um, in a limitless way and the flow that you want to gauge in. So the features, the segmentation and these automation type of series is really where, um, Klaviyo shines. Oh, email flows. They can get complicated, they can get tricky, they have prebuilt email flows, some of them are for, you know, standard stuff like abandoned cart emails, a win back welcome series.

Speaker 1: (13:58)
People who browse and abandoned, they have these built in there so they have the flow set up. So you can jump right in, take a look at these prebuilt flows and work with the segments and the triggers. And once you kind of look with that and change it to be more personable to your, your website and your plot, your, uh, product or service that you're selling, then you probably will have enough under your belt to go ahead and start creating some of your own flows if you're not already comfortable doing that. So the final thing I want to talk about with with Klaviyo that I really like and it is needed is they have a robust, really detailed dashboard. So if you have all of these complicated things going and you're really optimizing your email flow, you're capturing their emails on different pages using customized forms and you have different triggers going off.

Speaker 1: (14:57)
When you have all of this, you need something to pull all that information in and be able to tell you if it's working or not or if it needs to be improved, get rid of it, keep it so their dashboard definitely does that. It's nice, it's easy to read. They've got the charts, shows, you know, kind of at a glance any of the key metrics that might be trending on your store. And for those of you in e-commerce, you know, Hey holidays, things change, slow period. Things change, you push a sale, you need this data to come back so that you can really take a look at it and understand what's going on. If you've got questions about Klaviyo, any of the other platforms I've talked about, go ahead and email me, brandon@hokumarketing.com next week I'm going to be talking about a platform that also integrates with a nice CRM. It's called active campaign. I hope you guys are safe over the week. I'll talk to you then. If you like what you heard today, please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. If you have a digital marketing tool that you like or you use, or even one that you've created, let me know in the comments or send me an email@brandonpokumarketing.com I'll see you on the new school. Flip side.



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