3 Best Email Services For Podcasts

3 Best Email Services For Podcasts


3 Best Email Services For Podcasts

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There are a lot of email services out there and the choices can be daunting. I have done podcast and articles on many of them but when it comes to podcasters here are the 3 best email service providers.

Lets look at each one from the perspective of a new or established podcaster. Podcasters with and without websites looking to grow their audience and business. 

One of these is best for content creators and one is the most economical, read on to find out.

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Mailerlite Logo


Mailerlite is the least expensive when you look at all the features you get on the FREE plan. Even the paid plans are very reasonable. I know many podcasters are bootstrapping their way to getting an audience started so I put this one at the top of the list. Visit them HERE

If you want to read a side by side comparison of the top 2 on this list see this article - Mailerlite Vs. Converkit.

What I Like About Mailerlite For Podcasters


  • Free up to 1000 subscribers (12,000 sends), nice!
  • Built in photo editing, underrated until you don't have it.
  • Lots of pre-built templates
  • RSS campaigns (Sync your Podcast RSS!)
  • FREE website builder (5 landing pages)
  • Giphy Gif integration!

Did you see the free website builder listed above? So many new podcasters ask about website and if they should have one. We can debate that another time but for now, get the emails!




Convertkit Logo

ConvertKit is made for content creators, they have worked hard to court this space and are focused on dominating it. 

If you are a content creator - blogger, vlogger, offer lessons, classes, webinars, and anything similar then you need to look at Converkit. Visit them HERE

What I Like About Convertkit For Podcasters


  • The free plan has unlimited landing pages!

  • Access to an active creator community

  • Unsplash integration (Visual for you audio)
  • Visual automation builder (see it as you build it) 


Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been around for a long time and continues to innovate in the email marketing space. If you are looking for a one stop shop that will cover everything you may need then take a look. View them HERE

What I Like About Constant Contact For Podcasters


  • World class service and support (newbies pay attention)
  • Run your Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads directly within
  • Auto Re-Send to non openers (Huge time saver!)
  • Post AND manage social media with Constant Contact
  • Website builder integrated  


Talk with a digital marketer and ask them about emails and when you should start collecting them. The best time is from day one, the second best time is right now. Email marketing continues to have the highest ROI of all marketing channels.

If your audience wants to engage, they WILL read your emails.


If these three are just not your cup of tea (that rhymes!), then take a look at a new article we just wrote about MOOSEND. This email service is one we are just starting to look at and could be an up and comer. 

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