Automatically Back Up Your Shopify Store, Everyday.

Automatically Back Up Your Shopify Store, Everyday.


Automatically Back Up Your Shopify Store, Everyday.

Things happen and sometimes websites go down or data gets corrupted.

Imagine spending hours, days, weeks, building out your new website and something goes wrong. Imagine its the busiest time of the year and you are almost profitable, your ad campaign is running and your staff is ready to go...not the time for your website to have problems.

Backing up your website is something you only think about when you hear someone else's horror story or worse yet, when something goes wrong with your site.

In this episode I talk about and many of the cool features it has to help with backing you up.

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Speaker 1: 00:02 This is digital marketing tool talk. I'll never miss out or fall behind on the latest digital tools for social media, SEO content reviews and the entire digital marketing space. I'm your host, Brandon Hughes. Welcome back everyone and welcome to 2020 I hope 2019 was a great year for you. It was definitely a growth year for myself and my business and I'm really looking forward to sharing a whole bunch of other cool, interesting and innovative tools throughout the year as I continue to listen to other podcasts and read other bloggers and people in this digital marketing space. I am coming across tools all the time and some of them are quite amazing.

The tool I want to talk about today is something that you may have thought about due to pure fear. What happens if your website goes down or you install some third party app and everything just goes completely caput to put it in a technical term?

Speaker 1: 01:12 Well, what you would hopefully have is something in place that is doing a backup hopefully automatically and not something that's a manual. Not only do you want the backup to work so that you can bring everything back online quickly, but you'd also want something that could help you where you have access to people, technically a technical people to, with the process of getting everything backed up. I know it's a big fear for everyone. When you first start out, it may not be something on your mind, and when you get busy, you may forget about it. But I can assure you it's very, very important to have a robust and well done backup system in place. So the tool I'm going to talk to you about today is called let's talk.

Speaker 1: 02:10 Okay, so, who does it work for? Who can do it? Et cetera. What about the pricing? Let's talk about it. So basically, is a, it's an automated backups system. It just happens every day. Whether you initiate it or not, it's automated for those of you. This works for those of you who are on Shopify, big commerce, QuickBooks, and woo commerce for. So for those of you who are on a web, WordPress type website or maybe Squarespace, they don't have integration with that right now, you can go ahead and skip onto the next podcast. But for those of you who have Shopify and those other platforms, this one is a well-reviewed app that integrates with Shopify to do that backup for you on a daily basis. So you've loaded all those products in there. You have all the descriptions, you've got everything in and you're in Shopify and you're thinking to yourself, well, Shopify has all this information, so therefore it's all in there being backed up, yet that's not true.

Speaker 1: 03:23 Shopify will back up the platform, but it's not going to back up your store or all the information that you have loaded in there. So for those of you with more than one product and particularly those of you with hundreds or maybe even thousands of products, you can immediately see the value if something were to happen. You need to be able to restore your store quickly. If you have quite a bit of information in there, I know many of you when you're building your store, you're spending time on the photos and the placements and the formatting and getting all your content in there. You may have already experienced some reasons why you'd want your data to be restored. But rewind talks about five, five big ones that they find most customers want or need to have their data restored.

Speaker 1: 04:19 One is just plain old malicious attacks. Someone comes out you for some reason and does something. So you'd want to be able to go back a day or a week and just restore everything. One that I've run across is third party apps and if you go into many of the chat rooms where people are figuring out, Hey, how come this doesn't work? A lot of times you'll see the experts or the people who are helping them will recommend on installing all the apps and bringing them back on one at a time. Because a lot of times the app will conflict with something else now that normally this just creates a, a general problem that can be fixed, but it's possible that it could result in the loss of data or corrupt so much data or mess it up so much that it now becomes a huge job to go in and replace all of it and fix it.

Speaker 1: 05:16 It's a heck of a lot easier to just restore everything as it was at the end of the business the previous day. So third party apps is another one. The other is a bad a CSV file. So you know, if your ex boarding your blog posts or menus or anything like that, a lot of times you'll use a CSV pow file for the imports and exports of data. If you're bringing something in and it's a bad file format or there's something wrong with it, it can mess up quite a bit. If you're using a CSV file. The reason you're probably using it is because you have hundreds or thousands of data points that you're bringing in to go back and manually repair those. No, that's, that's not gonna work. You want to reload the site from the previous day. So that's why you would want a backup on that.

Speaker 1: 06:12 And the other is just general mistakes. You know, when you go in and you're messing with the liquid file or the coding on the back end you know, someone says, Hey, just insert this snippet of code in there and it'll fix your problem. And you go in and you do it wrong or you forget where you did it or you delete it or you put it on the wrong line or whatever it is that you're doing. We've all made mistakes and I have a feeling we're all going to continue to make mistakes. So it's a great peace of mind to know why you would want to be able to back up your system at any, any given time so that you can reset it up. So I mentioned this before, it's automatic backups. So every day I believe it's at midnight or so, or maybe you can set the time, it'll back everything up.

Speaker 1: 07:02 And you can also if you make some sort of mistake with an individual item, like a product you can rewind just that particular area or multiple products. If you're looking at a collect a collection or if you want, you can do the whole store. So if you're just working in a collection and you import a bad CSV file and you make a mistake and the third party app that you use to do that, it's all buggy. You can just rework with the collection and save all any other changes that you have elsewhere on the store. So that's really nice, especially when you're working with a large store or a lot of product. For those of you out there who are saying, well, I don't have a large store and I only have a couple of products, I would recommend looking at the cost of this app on a monthly basis and estimating, you know, how many times that this may be a value to you over the course of the year and what it would cost you to hire somebody or the number of man hours it would take to do a fix to really sit down and figure out if it's worth it or not.

Speaker 1: 08:09 And I can't tell you the peace of mind just knowing, Hey, I can go in here and tweak this and tweak that and not have to really worry about it. Because if I really blow it out, I really make a big mistake. I can always reload from the previous day. So, so take that into account. So let's, let's talk about price. For Shopify, they have a bunch of different plans and for those of you familiar with that platform that's pretty much the way it always is. So the basic is $3 a month. Now, that's what you start with. And that's basically per store is about 20 orders a month. You have a one year version, history, unlimited file storage and daily backup automatic backups. The next one up is $9 a month and that's for stores averaging about two, 200 orders a month. Speaker 1: 09:08 I really liked that they've done the averaging. That's really nice because you know, if you're really slow in the beginning of the year, you know, maybe you're seasonal, maybe your, your like many Shopify e-commerce stores and you, you spike during November and December with all the holiday shopping you can go back to an average order. So if most of the year you're, you're doing, you know, not so much business and you spike during the holidays, the pricing is based off of average average orders per month. So I think that's that's pretty nice. And, and as you move up, you get other little features, like, you know, products are saved instantly instead of you know, at the end of the day, and it goes all the way up. Obviously pro business plus enterprise. You know, just depending on how, how big your organization is. There are well-reviewed five star reviews, 800 plus.

Speaker 1: 10:01 There's a lot of people that use them. I've heard of rewind on other Shopify podcasts. My other well-known Shopify developers, I know some Shopify developers. It's like a requirement. It's when we do your store, this gets installed from the beginning and it's, it's part of the deal just because they want everything included with that. Okay. So there's a couple of other platforms that a rewind also works with. One of them is a woo commerce pricing is very similar. Their basic one starts at $9, and then it goes up up from there. Very similar features. You can take a look at it. When you go to the website, I'll put a link down in the show notes and somewhere in the blog post for you guys to see. The two other big ones are big commerce and they're pretty similar in pricing and features.

Speaker 1: 11:02 Magento right now if you go to the website for Magento, you can sign up to get early access. So I guess they're, they're kind of working on that. So anyway, this is you know, if you want to back up your store automatically every day so that you can go ahead and do all the crazy things you want to do on your website, on one of those platforms, I think it's an excellent resource. Peace of mind allows you to continue to move forward and quickly fix any of those inevitable mistakes that we all try to avoid. But we know it's just a matter of time because we all do it. If you use, I'd love to hear get some feedback from you on whether you like it or not or if there is another backup tool that you're using. I'd be interested to hear about that one as well. So the beginning of the year, maybe one of the goals you want to put together is, yeah, playing it safe, getting everything backed up so that you can charge through the rest of 2020.

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