Episode 2 : Chrome extension tool to increase FB page likes

Episode 2 : Chrome extension tool to increase FB page likes


Episode 2 : Chrome extension tool to increase FB page likes

Invite all your friends with the Chrome extension tool to like your facebook page.

This extension has no ads and no registration, super easy to install and just sits right up on your browser.

Check it out Here - 


Imagine having a post go viral and getting dozens or even hundreds of likes, dont miss the opportunity to easily ask all of those people to like your page. Grow your FB page the smart way.
The extension is legal and does not violate any of FB policies.



1: 00:02 This is digital marketing tool talk, never miss out or fall behind on the latest digital tools for social media, SEO content reviews and the entire digital marketing space. I'm your host, Brandon Hughes. Everyone today I want to share with you a really cool tool that is actually a Chrome extension. So you need to be on Chrome to use this one. It's totally free. A, the name of the extension is invite post likers to like page in Facebook. It's a little long one there and its I N V is kind of the code there. I'm going to tell you why I really like this tool and I just, it's very handy and I think you'll like it too is once you download the extension it just sits up there and your um, your top right above your bookmarks bar there. And when someone, when someone engages with you on your Facebook page and they like your post or they comment on the post, that doesn't necessarily mean that they've liked your page or they're following you. 

1: 01:09 It may have shown up in a feed or maybe someone else shared the post and so they liked it. We want to take that extra step and try and get them to like your page so you can go through the whole process if you want. Reaching out to them, inviting them, but this little tool, this little thing that just sits there, all you have, it's very simple. All you gotta do is go to your post and let's say you have a bunch of likes on the post. Go ahead and open up that page that shows the list of everyone who liked your post. Once you have that opened up, then you just go over right up to where your extension is and it's going to be on capital I N. V. it's going to be three letters up there. I know a lot of other extensions are some kind of logo or a picture. 

1: 01:54 This one is just inv. I'm going to click on that and it's going to scan it and it's going to automatically just go through all of those people who have liked your post and it's going to send them an invite saying, Hey, so-and-so is inviting you to like your page. And that's it. It's so simple. All those people who are liking your posts and liking or commenting, you're missing out on inviting them to your page. Now this is totally free. There's, there's no, I'm the author of this extension. Even writes in his description, he talks about no ads, no spam because he doesn't like it, which is totally awesome. I've been using it. I've never gotten any spam from him. I've never gotten any ads. He does offer a paid version. Um, the developers do, the paid version will automatically, uh, send a request to people who like your post to like your page.

1: 02:51 It just does it automatically. So if you don't want to take the extra step and just open it up and click it, you can pay for that. I've never, I'm not big enough. I guess if you're getting hundreds of likes all the time, or maybe you're going to do a really big ad campaign and you're expecting a whole bunch of likes to come pouring in and you're just going to be busy, then maybe, maybe the paid version will work out for you. But there is no real reason, uh, if you're, you know, just getting a few likes here and there to just use the free version. If you go to the Chrome web store, he has a, they have a little video in there. Um, it's a, he, he talks about, uh, the legality of it is it against Facebook's, you know, terms of use or their policies. 

1: 03:34 And he even mentions that, um, he removed some features, uh, awhile back just to make sure that it complied, uh, with, with Facebook. So it doesn't violate any of Facebook rules that I know of. And he is saying that there aren't. So if there is one out there, definitely share it with me. Uh, if anybody's using this, I'd love to hear, um, any success stories. Oh, if it's not working for you, if it's something bad, uh, any problems that you have, because this is a really cool tool and I think you really will enjoy it and it'll help turns those likes on your posts to actual Facebook page likes. Now when someone makes something really cool, I usually take the time to just dig out a little bit further and find out a little bit more about what these people are doing and some of the other cool things that they might be offering.

1: 04:23 And from the Chrome extension page, you can go to their a website, it's called Facebook, like inviter.com/yen I guess they do it in a bunch of different languages and this guy music by all kinds of crazy stuff out there. All kinds of scripts. So if you're just the Facebook power user, you may find all of this interesting. It's really just kind of a big blast of information of all the different things you can just automate all kinds of likes and comments and et cetera, et cetera. I don't know of any of this as like a best practices or, or maybe frowned upon by certain people, I don't know. But this one simple Chrome extension that just allows you to reach out to people who have liked your posts and say, Hey, you liked my posts, like my page I think is definitely worth it. And we should all be doing, we should all be inviting people who like our posts too. Speaker 1: 05:17 Also like our page. So if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, go to their website, they have all kinds of crazy things in there for reviews and mentions and just all these different types of things. Uh, with Facebook, I know for all of us when we find these cool tools are, are we're on the, you know, the internet and we're digging around and finding stuff. You can just go crazy. Um, so here's another one that you can spend a good hour, next episode and probably the few after that, we're gonna get into some tools for keyword research. There's a whole bunch of them out there that give you some basic data for free. So probably the next several episodes we're going to talk keyword research tools. All right? If you like what you heard today, please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. I'll see you on the new school. Flip side.

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