Episode 4 : Using Google Search Console To Get Your Content Indexed Fa

Episode 4 : Using Google Search Console To Get Your Content Indexed Faster


Episode 4 : Using Google Search Console To Get Your Content Indexed Faster


Speaker 1: 00:02 This is digital marketing tool talk, never miss out or fall behind on the latest digital tools for social media, SEO content reviews, and the entire digital marketing space. I'm your host, Brandon Hughes. Welcome back everyone. Today I want to share with you a tip that you can do on a tool that you can use. And the tool is Google search council used to be called a Google webmaster tool or something like that. And, and the reason I want to share this particular tip on how to use this tools. The other day I posted an article on LinkedIn and in the article section I didn't, I didn't share the article, actually went in and copied my blog post into LinkedIn's article section and I was following up on it and I was reading some stuff and this guy mentioned, Hey, you want to make sure that your Google your, your post gets indexed on your site first before, you know, sharing it other places or posting it in, in other locations. And I thought, well, yeah, I already had my blog post up. So sharing it next on LinkedIn obviously would be no problem. Well, anyway, I jumped into Google search console to verify that the blog post was indeed indexed and it wasn't. So that led me to digging around and trying to find out, okay, how can I use Google search council to get my blog post indexed faster? So let me tell what, let me share with you what I found out. Speaker 1: 01:41 So the first thing I started doing is I started digging around and saying, okay, how long does it take for my new post to get indexed by Google? And like everything else out there, the answers ranged all over the place. So bottom line is nobody has any idea which I'm starting to find a lot of times when it comes to what Google does. Yeah, there's a lot of information out there and it's all over the place. So really nobody really knows how long it takes. But on average, people were saying anywhere from four to 14 days for your actual post to get indexed on Google. Now, if you're not in a rush or you're doing just mainly evergreen content, no big deal, right, but I'm doing this blog, this podcast right now, it's coming up on November, black Friday's coming up, cyber Monday, we're rolling into the holidays or at any time during the year. Speaker 1: 02:32 If you're doing a blog post or you're putting out a page or any type of content and you want it to be found on Google within a certain amount of time because an event is coming up or you just want that post to get out there. I mean, that's how I am. I spent all this time putting it together. I want it to be index quickly by Google so that it can be found. Now some of you might be saying, well, Google crawls my website all the time. It's automatic. It does it so many times during the day. Well, crawling is different than indexing and that's something that I learned in doing some research for this podcast today. So it does. Every site that gets crawled is not necessarily getting indexed. However, if it's been indexed than it has been crawled. And indexing is basically a Google's way of coming up with how your page is going to be found in search. Speaker 1: 03:31 So you need to get your page indexed by Google. So if you're willing to wait that time and you just want to put it up and let Google go ahead and do it, no problem. But if you're running into a situation like I did where you're immediately sharing that content on something like LinkedIn or another platform and you want to make sure your website gets indexed first, then you need to accelerate that process. So the tool is Google search council. So if you don't have Google search council, highly recommend you get it, you need to use it. It's very simple, it's very easy to use. Today I'm only going to show you, I'm only going to talk about one tip and that's getting your site indexed in an accelerated fashion. But there's a lot more that can be done on Google search council. How to get your site indexed quicker through Google search council is very, very easy. Speaker 1: 04:27 So when you're at your main dashboard, right at the top there is a search bar with the little magnifying glass and it says inspect any URL on and you put, your website will be in there. So just go ahead and copy your URL to your blog post or the page that you've created or whatever content it is. You type it in there and Google is going to do a search. So when I searched for this particular page, I got a message that said URL is not on Google. This page is not in the index, but not because of an error. It just hasn't been indexed yet. And write down on the bottom right, that little section it says request indexing. Can you just go ahead and click on that? And it's a little screen's going to pop and it's going to say testing. If the live here well can be indexed and it's going to take a minute or two. Speaker 1: 05:18 So it's just basically going out, looking at that URL that you put in your new page, new blog posts, and it's just checking if it can indeed be indexed. If it can, then you're going to be hit with a message that's saying, yep, we can do that. And it's moved up in the queue. It's been accelerated for indexing. Now how long does it take if you request it this way? I have dug around and a lot of people Mo, the majority of people who have done this have said it now only takes a couple of hours. So that's significantly faster than waiting several days if not a couple of weeks. A only submit it once it's all it takes and you just click got it. After you got that message and in a couple of hours you can go back in, put in that URL and it will pull up that the site has no been indexed. Speaker 1: 06:14 So for my particular situation, I wanted my website to be indexed first before the article posting on LinkedIn. But I thought of a whole bunch of different scenarios that could come up. Maybe you're writing a post about an event that's occurring in a week or two or maybe the coming weekend that that's coming up. And you want to promote it and you want people to be able to find it on Google, you want it indexed. Obviously you're sharing the link and people can go to the link on Harvey. You share your content, but you may want to accelerate that process. If you are already doing this or maybe you know another way of getting your post index quicker on Google, I would love to hear it. Go ahead and leave a comment down below, share with us, or if you know of another tool that maybe does this easier, better, faster, quicker, let us know. I'd love to talk about it on the show. If you like what you heard today, please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. I'll see you on the new school. Flip side.

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